Grey Almodovar - "Entre tinieblas"

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Text / A retrospective of Smart

Almodóvar's early films is showing in the spotlight. I picked "Entre tinieblas", which is translated in Chinese as "Nuns Are Hard at Night". I was misled by the Chinese title and thought it would be a hot romance of nuns. After checking the translation, I found out that the original Spanish meaning is "between light and dark" , it's no wonder that you, the video creator, dismantled the color of the film with a sharp eye. You said "it's gray". At first, I didn't quite understand the meaning of gray in your mouth, and I was still indulging in the strong emotions of the story. , overwhelmed by the nun's honest confession. I always thought that Almodóvar's colors were bright colors, red lust, purple temptation, or yellow swagger, perhaps in form, and why I was always bewitched by the superficial colors, Class for mainstream eyes. Living in this world, I have been taught extreme dualism since I was a child. Maybe we finally learn how to distinguish between right and wrong, black and white, right and wrong, but we are also gradually lost in this colorful world and become a standard colorblind. This gray film brings me to understand color again.

The interesting thing about the director is that the way he selects themes, along with the resistance and hysteria in most of his works, is unique because of tolerance. Savouring the rich emotion and creative energy of Almodóvar's early films has allowed film history to record a moving life. Going back to this film, the story also takes a topical religious element, but this is not a film that is quite religiously critical, maybe, maybe not like his film is gray. The interpretation of nuns and monasteries in the world is a holy place. The roles played in the film are set by the director to be a sanctuary of sin, moral transcendence and emotional liberation. In the story, the nuns each have their own fallen souls, and the unbearable past is intertwined with the moral judgment of the film: drug addicts, writers of immoral novels, murderers, lesbians... "Saint" vs "prostitute", in the film But playful flavorings, without which it becomes a tedious moral drama. Beautiful because of the fall, and regained because of the loss. This is my favorite Almodóvar, the way he tells his story.

Black and white are celebrated by clear standards in the world, while gray quietly plays a neglected role. The director loves this gray area and sees the beauty that the world deliberately ignores. I remember that Chen Shanni wrote in the lyrics "If there is one thing that is important, it is the sum of right and wrong." The nun's asceticism seems to be like a split personality in this world, the world's hidden evil and goodness, and the beauty of the outside world. In the rush, facing ugly reconstruction without gambling, it is not difficult to imagine why suffering will come to the world, sin will evolve underground, monasteries are both breeding grounds and refuges for sin, Jesus was crucified because of sin, but also because of sin And great. If you drink impure heroin, it will kill you. Pure heroin is addictive and unable to extricate yourself. Virtue novels are so popular but they are abandoned by defenders, and it is their inner soul that is abandoned. I like how you describe the nun's eyes with precise words, you say you see "crystal clear" pupils in the nun's eyes, because the story finally comes back inside, black and white are not opposites, and the world is indeed - gray .

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