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You see dictatorship in democracy, the invisible order that underpins your apparent freedom.

Ideology is not simply imposed on us, ideology is the relationship we spontaneously develop with society, how we make sense of things individually, and so on. In a way we are enjoying our ideology.

Desire is never the desire for something, it is always the desire for the desire itself.

"They don't know what they're doing, but they're still doing it."
"I know very well what I'm doing, but I'm still doing it."

Because people are not just products of objective circumstances, we always leave a little We have the freedom to decide how we should subjectively respond to these objective circumstances that also define ourselves, and how we will resist them by building our own universe.

The usual mode of fantasy is to construct a scene, not a scene in which I have the object of my desire, but a fictional scene in which I am desired by the other.

Yet a real reason for the hero's violence to be questioned is that the victim is not a mere victim, but in fact enjoys or participates in her "victimization" (situation/encounter)

ideology in a perverted way It's like a filter, a box, so when you look through the box and see the same, ordinary social reality, everything changes. Why exactly? Not because the box really adds anything, but because the box opens an abyss of doubt.

In order to be part of a community, you always need to (follow) some implicit unwritten rules, which are never publicly acknowledged, but are absolutely important for a group to identify with.
It's like you have to get your own hands dirty in order to be part of this community.

If you get too close to it, if you identify too much with it, if you really become the spokesperson of the superego directly. It will be self-destructive, you will kill those around you and eventually yourself.

As if only based on lies, our society can maintain stability and function properly, and if the truth is told, it seems to mean chaos, as if it means the collapse of social order.

To maintain public trust in the rule of law system, meaning if the general public knew how corrupt the core of our rule of law system is, everything would fall apart, so we need lies to maintain order.

There is a minimal hysteria in our subjectivity, in the way we experience ourselves. What is the root of hysteria? It is a questioning of the authority that determines my identity. "Why am I what you say I am?"

The first step toward freedom is not simply changing reality to match your dreams, but changing the way you dream.

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  • Slavoj Zizek: The German philosopher Walter Benjamin - said something very deep. He said that we experience history, - what does it mean for us to be historical beings, - not when we are engaged in things, when things move, - only when we see this, again, - rest waste of culture being half retaken by nature, - at that point we get an intuition of what history means.

  • Slavoj Zizek: We usually think that military discipline - is just a matter of mindlessly following orders. Obeying the rules. You don't think you do what is your duty. It's not as simple as that. If we do this, we just become machines.