no feelings

Clifton 2022-07-19 21:24:46

2016, crime thriller film "A Hundred Years of Forgiveness | Cien años de perdón "

I thought it was a horror movie, but it seems that I watched a crime theme that I don't really like. .

Chinese movie titles are also translated inexplicably. . Confused.

In fact, to be honest, although I don't like this subject very much, but this movie. . . It's actually rather bland. . Robbing a bank, a very old-fashioned plot, if there is nothing new, it is probably not worth watching.

The development of the story is relatively reasonable, and there are not many twists and turns, and that is the case with the shady government. . In fact, for a long time, I didn't feel anything important and sensitive. . . Maybe I'm not distracted.

Then the movie ended so peacefully. . Didn't impress me any more. . The plot, the characters, whatever.

----I am the dividing line for robbers----

Recommendation index: ★★☆ (5/10 points), a movie with little feeling. .

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