Just fired a few shots without any fighting scenes, a gunman movie supported by the plot

Albert 2022-07-19 19:52:28

First of all, let me feel sorry for the three hostages who are suspected of being tied with mercury bombs and the three hostages with guns who were almost killed (two-thirds of the time responsible for shivering)
These six gangsters thought their plan was perfect from the beginning. Generously asked the hostage to call and say that he was kidnapped
(the trick:
1. Use the hostage as a bargaining chip to deal with the police
2. Ask for food delivery, ask for a bus to pick up the plane and prepare to leave the country
3. In fact, Chen Cang secretly wants to use the sewer to run quietly Lu then got on the subway and got out of the shell.) The
city was full of storms and
then began to push the bank manager to open the safe
. The manager remembered his recent experience and decided to jump back and exchange the 314 documents and the whole thing in exchange for a bag of diamonds and freedom
. At this time, the trend started from ordinary police and bandit movies. When I got to an interesting place,
because the storm in front of the city alerted the top government officials
and then the battle of wits and courage began
, a large number of lines began in the whole film. The three-
party forces, the police, the National Security Bureau, and the robbers started many games around this 314 document
. 1. First, the small disputes within the robbers (The rainstorm caused the water pressure in the sewer to be too high, so Lengtouqing was curious to open the file to trigger the file self-destruction program)
2. Then the National Security Bureau's response plan failed (mainly because the file was deleted by mistake)
3. Finally, the file recovery episode, backing up the file When it recovers to 40%, the president is in a mess, and the robbers
have nothing to do. In the end, the robbers are in an overwhelming position.
The climax was when the President ordered the senior officials of the National Security Agency to evacuate, and received a text message in the car that there was no presidential information in the 314 data. As a result, the robbers were not stupid. During the delay, the rainstorm gradually stopped and the water level dropped. He used the hostage to pretend that the robber got into the car to attract attention, and fled according to the original plan, and finally Jin Chan escaped. The most irritating thing is that in the end, the media also got involved, and government officials were too busy to take care of themselves, and the shit sticks pulled away.

How should I put it, mainly because of this troll, I don't understand why it is called a hundred years of forgiveness, and I have nothing to say when it is translated into 314 files.
Second, there is no clear distinction between good and bad. The government officials who symbolize justice or the police who defend justice are striving to ensure their own interests, and the relationship line should also be carefully sorted out
. Third, the plot is flawed. The whole film is more than 90 minutes, and the first 80 minutes are for the climax of the last 10 minutes, although there is no Seeing the scene of fighting in the past, but it is a new attempt, not the best, and the contradiction is still not intensified enough, so the audience's concern is not so high. During the period, the narcissism and salacious manipulation of the pig teammates once made me play.
If my girlfriend and I watch this film, she will probably fall asleep watching it

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