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Made in England (1982)
1982 / United Kingdom / Drama Crime / Alan Clark / Tim Ross Vass Anderson

#Made in Britain

TR's first film...skinhead

God-like film... The background is not explained, and the reasons are not discussed. All the emotions displayed were filled with anger, contempt and provocation. It's pure bad, not following the rules and not respecting authority, that's to do damage. School teachers are all wankers, every day they talk about bollocks they don't believe in themselves, fuck them all.

Work hard, do well, get a job, otherwise you are no good, you are a vandal.

We are not talking about honesty, we are talking about sticking to the rules.

However, even though he didn't explain anything, he could still see some real emotions in his heart. If you lose a game you like, you will be silently disappointed in the back. If you see something you like, you will be happy and nostalgic. If you are beaten by the police, you will accidentally show pain in the middle of the provocation. All the angry and loud quarrels occasionally show despair.

But none of this is for you to see, after all a bastard's laughter is such a safe disguise.

As TR's first movie, I really want to blow up my acting skills... Although anger and contempt are a bit superficial, isn't the anger of 16-year-old young people often just anger for anger? But those fragile and real expressions are just right... get a chance to participate in the game, if you win, maybe something will change, when Harry said he liked the decoration in the child's bedroom, if Harry could have a chat with him. Maybe change some trajectories too...but no if. fuck the life.

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Made in Britain quotes

  • Trevor the Skinhead: You got something useful I can do while I'm waiting for a job? I've got ten O levels, seven A levels, I speak fluent punjabi and chapati.

  • Magistrate: You are a constant truant at school, a failure, it seems. You've been before the court on numerous occasions for non- attendance; you have been convicted of taking and driving away, shoplifting, violent behaviour, and in spite of your undertakings to the court, you have made no attempt to secure yourself a job. And now you've been accused of stealing once again, and you've attacked a member of the immigrant community, & caused damage to his property. It's a long, depressing list. Are you not ashamed of yourself?

    Trevor the Skinhead: No.