Notes from the Pervert's Guide to Ideology

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You see the dictatorship hidden under the democratic system, the invisible command to maintain your apparent freedom.

You see the dictatorship in democracy. It's the invisible order which sustains your apparent freedom.

Common sense is the ultimate hallucination.

This precisely is the ultimate illusion.

Ideology is not simply imposed on us, ideology is our spontaneous relationship to society, how we perceive meaning, etc. In a way, we enjoy our ideology. Getting out of ideology is painful, and you have to force yourself to do it.

Ideology is not simply imposed on ourselves. Ideology is our spontaneous relationship to our social world. How we perceive meaning and so on. We in a way enjoy our ideology. To step out of ideology it hurts. You must force yourself to do it.

Freedom is painful.

Freedom hurts.

Enjoyment is a distorted form of pleasure, even if it is pain.

Enjoyment is precisely enjoyment in disturbed pleasure even enjoyment in pain.

Commodities are precise, theological and even metaphysical objects whose existence always reflects a higher need.

A commodity is an object full of theological even metaphysical niceties. Its presence always reflects an invisible transcendence.

Human beings have never simply longed for something. What people long for is the desire itself, the desire to be able to continue to desire. Perhaps the ultimate fear of desire is that we are completely satisfied, with the result that we no longer pursue the desire. The ultimate depressive experience is the loss of desire itself.

A desire is never simply the desire for certain thing. It's always also a desire for desire itself. A desire to continue to desire. Perhaps the ultimate horror of desire is to be fully filled in met so that I desire no longer. The ultimate melancholic experience is the experience of a loss of desire itself.

Fantasy is at the heart of our ideology. On a psychoanalytic level, fantasy is simply a lie.

Fantasies are the central stuff our ideologies are made of. Fantasy is in psychoanalytical perspective fundamentally a lie.

The usual pattern of fantasy is to construct a scene in which, instead of getting what is desired, it is needed by others.

The usual mode of fantasy is to construct a scene, not a scene where I get what I desire, but a scene in which I imagine myself as desired by others.

As is often pointed out, fascism in its infancy was a conservative change, it was an economic change, for the development of modern industry, but a change always maintained or rebuilt traditional hierarchies more or less control society. A modern, efficient society, but at the same time governed by hierarchical values, lacking class antagonisms or other antagonisms. Now the fascists have a problem, dangers such as confrontation, class struggle, etc. are inherent diseases of capitalism. Modernization, industrialization, as we know from the history of capitalism, means the collapse of old social relations and social conflict. Instability is the way capitalism works. How to solve it? Quite simply, you need to create an ideological narrative that explains how society went wrong, not because of the tensions inherent in social development, but because of an outsider invasion. All was well until the infiltration of the Jews, and the way to restore the body of society to its health was to exterminate the Jews.

As it was often pointed out, fascism is at it's most elementary, a conservative revolution. Revolution: economic development, modern industry. But a revolution which would none the less maintain or even reassert a traditional hierarchal society. A society which is modern, efficient , but at the same time controlled by hierarchal values ​​with no class or other antagonisms. Now, they have a problem here, the fascists, but antagonism, class struggle and other dangers is something inherent to capitalism. Modernization, industrialization, as we know from the history of capitalism means disintegration of old stable relations. It means social conflicts. Instability is the way capitalism functions. So how to solve this problem? Simple. You need to generate an ideological narrative which explains how things went wrong in a society,not as a result of the inherent tensions in the development of this society, but as the result of a foreign intruder. Things were okay until Jews penetrated our social body. The way to restore the health of our social body is to eliminate the Jews.

At most moments in history, something that looks like a disaster elevates a person or an idea to some kind of myth.

In history the event which may appear as a catastrophe saves persons or an idea elevating it into a myth.

In almost every movie about the U.S. Marine Corps, this lewdness is featured in their marching songs, which are a mixture of gibberish and obscene. This is not undermining, making fun of military discipline, it is an inherent part of it, and if these lustful additions are removed, the military machine will cease to function.

In practically all movies about US Marines, the best-known embodiment of this obscenity are marching chants. A mixture of nonsense and obscenity. This is not undermining, making fun of military discipline. It is its inner most constituent. You take this obscene supplement away and military machine stops working.

The idea is that the truth is too strong and a politician should be a cynic who, even if he knows the truth, should tell the common people what Plato called a "noble fiction" - a lie.

This idea that the truth is too strong that a politician should be a cynicist, although he knows what is true, tells to ordinary people what Plato called 'a noble fable'- a lie.

In order to maintain stability, we need an image of the "big Other" and maintain appearances for it.

We need for our stability, a figure of 'Big Other' for whom we maintain appearances.

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  • Slavoj Zizek: The German philosopher Walter Benjamin - said something very deep. He said that we experience history, - what does it mean for us to be historical beings, - not when we are engaged in things, when things move, - only when we see this, again, - rest waste of culture being half retaken by nature, - at that point we get an intuition of what history means.

  • Slavoj Zizek: We usually think that military discipline - is just a matter of mindlessly following orders. Obeying the rules. You don't think you do what is your duty. It's not as simple as that. If we do this, we just become machines.