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Postmodern ideology means changing from forcing people to take on obligations to enjoying them. But the people in it became Truman who refused to leave, as if they were very aware of their situation but refused to wear ideological glasses. They must be forced to have the courage to gain freedom. Freedom is painful. That is why the vanguard theory is meaningful, and the slaves themselves have no motivation to promote the emancipation process. The Inverted Structure of the Sound of Music. The beauty of Catholicism is that as the "Other" it allows you to do whatever you want and enjoy it. This logic is not owned by religion, but is the most essential logic of churches, institutions and institutions. These things are the crux of how ideology works, pretending to give up so you can have it all.

People can do whatever they want after they devote themselves to a public order. Belief in Catholicism and Confucianism have the same psychology after taking family responsibilities and enjoying themselves. So it's understandable why some men take pleasure in cheating after taking on family responsibilities. Instead of being attracted to women, they get some compensation in this way and make a deal. So marriage in the context of Confucianism is never a contract of loyalty, but an umbrella that pretends to give up something but has it in a more reasonable sense. This is the morality of Confucianism and its followers. Depression comes from this sense of guilt, the inability to enjoy the pleasure of betraying a sense of moral responsibility.

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  • Slavoj Zizek: The truly disturbing thing about The Dark Knight - is that it elevates lie into a general social principal, - into the principal of organisation - of our social political life. As if our societies can remain stable, - can function, only if based on a lie. As if telling the truth, and this telling the truth - embodies in Joker means distraction. Disintegration of the social order.

  • Slavoj Zizek: This is an old conservative wisdom - asserted long ago by philosophers from Plato - especially, and then Immanuel Kant, Edmond Burke and so on and so on. This idea that the truth is too strong. That a politician should be a cynicist who, - although he knows what is true, tells to ordinary people what Plato called 'a noble fable' - a lie.