Pervert's Guide to Ideology Watching Notes

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Obey, get married and have children, money is your god, don't think

Emancipating the mind requires extreme violence, freedom is imposed on people

You can do whatever you want, as long as you make a gesture of abstinence

Enjoyment becomes a weirdly deformed duty

The frivolous second paragraph of Ode to Joy cannot suppress domestication

UK riots in August 2011

She doesn't want to be saved and resists redemption

anders behring breivik

Sharks symbolize capitalism that squeezes the American people

The most extreme ideology is the Nazis

Blame it on unemployed single mothers, Kestenberg

Indigenous unity was central to the Nazis

Chariot scene, Starbucks coffee

Abandoned plane ships and the inertia of urban reality

Like a vampire to absorb the lower energy

Prague Spring, the lost mediator

read poetry to her or something

1. Mild and playful distance

2. Indecent additions to military discipline

abu ghraib scandal

Joker: Social stability is based on lies

how corruption is inside the legal system everything falls apart

We are democratically elected, but we can do whatever we want

Everything is allowed without God, 911

Using God's Will as a Tool

Stalin actually dressed up the will of God

The Big Other: The Inevitability of History's Advance to Socialism

I'm just acting on his behalf

Disintegrate the mythical standards that rationalize leaders

No one listens to them

Bureaucrats perform but do nothing

Turn the hysterical questioning to God as the subject

jesus was a masochist, che voglio

What died on the cross was the promise of the Other

Atheists go deep into Christianity itself

Dreams are idealized consumerist mappings

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  • Slavoj Zizek: The German philosopher Walter Benjamin - said something very deep. He said that we experience history, - what does it mean for us to be historical beings, - not when we are engaged in things, when things move, - only when we see this, again, - rest waste of culture being half retaken by nature, - at that point we get an intuition of what history means.

  • Slavoj Zizek: We usually think that military discipline - is just a matter of mindlessly following orders. Obeying the rules. You don't think you do what is your duty. It's not as simple as that. If we do this, we just become machines.