I seem to have watched a fake disaster movie

Bernadette 2022-07-21 12:48:17

"Pandora" personal essay on watching movies, non-serious movie critics To tell the truth, the movie review is not very easy to write, because after all, it is a disaster movie. Drinking beer and watching others suffer and making judgments, seems like I'm not very kind, like rubbing salt on the wound, but I feel that the excessive performance of the bitter scene makes people feel that this is a consumption disaster, the so-called daily black zhenfu in the movie is incompetent , The operation of the "mouse gall" hero is just a gimmick, and it does not really shock and reflect. After reading it, there is nothing but the cries that linger in my ears.

"Pandora" should be based on the Fukushima nuclear leakage incident in Japan, which is also the nuclear leakage incident. Last year's "Chernobyl" was very impressive. There was no hysterical roar, no hoarse crying, and more Most of it is to convey the value and tell the truth to the audience. Every character stands up and everything is clearly expressed. The so-called hit the nail on the head, I think that is a textbook-like adaptation. Well, let’s take a brief look at this In the movie, the thunder is loud and the rain is small. On the surface, the nuclear leakage is a very terrible disaster. It is also shown in the movie, and the problems caused by the nuclear leakage are worth digging deeply, such as panic, choice, or The meaning of life, etc. In these aspects, apart from the performance of the protagonist's split personality, I really don't know what happened to everyone? Either squirting or wailing, to be honest, when I watch movies, I usually like to turn it on very loud, but when I watched this, I turned my voice down very low, the crying is really disturbing, I know you guys What have I experienced, but there are so many bitter scenes, sensational scenes, I really feel more painful than the people in the movie! I really don't want to say that the protagonist is a person who pretends to be a child, but the performance of several face slaps makes people laugh and cry, I'm sorry, to be serious, this is not the director's original intention, but it has achieved such an effect, look at him a second ago I took off my clothes and ran away, put on clothes to save people a second later, smashed the TV in the last scene, and called to go in the next scene. I tried to think from the director's point of view, he may be trying to create a "rat gall hero", A real man with a sharp mouth and a tofu heart, yes, no one wants to be a hero or a martyr, he just wants to be an ordinary person, an ordinary person who can be with his family forever, is it difficult? I know it all, but the connection of several scenes did not meet such expectations, but made people feel inexplicable.

Okay, not much more to say, the movie is suitable for friends who like bitterness, there are many "moving" pictures and dialogues, barely Samsung, for the sake of human nature, friends of the plot may be disappointed, the above opinions are only personal, don't spray if you don't like it

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