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Gilda 2022-07-21 23:22:53

A qualified disaster film, the story is also very simple. The prime minister forcibly accelerated the nuclear power plant for the interests of individuals and the groups behind them, and the nuclear leakage was caused; when the disaster came, the country and some innocent people made a choice, and finally the male protagonist sacrificed his life. Such a thing of righteousness. The shaping of the government is actually very old-fashioned. The presumptive president and the prime minister with real power are desperate for economic interests. At the critical moment, the president took the initiative to command the scene to deal with it, and we have seen a lot of tributes to the martyrs at the end.

But the most successful part of this "Pandora" is the sensational ending. Jiang Zaihe left the blast alone, and the live broadcast of the speech directly triggered tears and made every audience feel the same. This is a real psychological activity of a small person. He does not have much national feelings, and he does not want to be a hero. Support His motivation for his martyrdom was his girlfriend and family, and he just wanted to keep them alive. "I want to live a good life with you, but why can't I do it? It's not excessive greed, why do I have to die like this? I haven't made a big mistake. What did I do wrong? I don't want to just let it go. I'm really scared to die like this... I don't want to do this, how did I become so cowardly, please don't forget me, you must remember me well, so even if I die like this, I won't feel wronged. Please remember , Jiang Jae-hyuk is not a useless person... Jae-hyuk, you've worked hard" The screenwriter's lines are so well written, and the sadness and sadness of the parting are vividly presented.

ps The male protagonist persuaded everyone to return to the nuclear power plant and the bgm in the final ending was really good, and the little nurse Wu Yixue was also really cute.

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  • Jae-hyeok: Are you crazy?

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    Jae-hyeok: I just drank a bit. I went straight home afterward. It's true!

    Yeon-joo: You are dead today. Auntie I'm going.

    Mrs. Seok: Why? I thought you were going to break his legs.

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  • Jae-hyeok: What a bunch of idiots. They must be crazy!