To those professional shooting technique analysis masters

Jarret 2022-10-30 11:47:32

I watched a lot of Korean crime films and disaster films, but I still cried after seeing this film. People who have seen many movies and know a few terms can pretend to analyze a wave of shooting techniques and problems, but in the face of naked reality and human nature, all the techniques are nonsense.

No matter what the theme or the expression is, Korean films are made of real people, people who make mistakes, fear and escape but also give. It certainly wasn't the best shot, and I couldn't help fast-forwarding when I was watching the crying clips, but I did cry. Just for this film to be prepared for danger in times of peace, and to shoot such a film based on the Japanese accident, no matter how well it is made, as long as the story is complete and what people say is the truth, I am willing to give five stars without thinking!

More, there are many similar disasters that happened in my dynasty. Such as the explosion of fire in Tianjin. Those firefighters reminded me, maybe they were in the fire, maybe they were thinking the same as the main character in the movie. They are actually paying for the supervision, and they have also used their lives to assume the responsibility that belongs to some people!

Finally, I would like to sigh to those masters who are eloquent in analyzing film techniques, you are so professional!

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