you are also in the nuclear power plant

Percy 2022-09-02 07:15:25

I heard that this disaster film is more exciting than "Train to Busan", I was skeptical, I finally took some time this afternoon to finish watching the film. It is indeed a wonderful, climaxing, meaningful, and coherent movie. Unfortunately, such a movie is destined to be impossible to be introduced, and it is a pity that it cannot contribute a little to the box office of such an excellent movie. It is not easy for a movie to be enjoyable for people to watch, and it is even more commendable that it can make people feel and think while enjoying it. The previous "Train to Busan" did it.
And the Korean disaster film "Pandora" is obviously more exciting, crueler, deeper and more real than "Train to Busan", and everyone should watch it. If the story of "Train to Busan" is far away from us, it may never happen in reality, but the story of "Pandora" is only one step away from us. It tells the story of a disaster in South Korea that has not yet happened, but this way Are things really not happening around us? Just thinking about it makes one's bones tremble, shuddering, and terrified. The indifferent, condescending, righteous, unquestionable faces were all too familiar. Hopefully such a story never happens. Otherwise, the catastrophe we face could be even more terrifying than in the movies.
The first half of the movie tells us that the seemingly impregnable and infallible nuclear power plant is actually full of flaws, full of crises, constant problems, and situations. The leader of a nuclear power plant is a layman who does not understand physics, business, or professionalism. The layman leads the layman, so he does not know the importance of each work link at all. However, the staff of the nuclear power plant are perfunctory and perfunctory for their own interests. There are few nuclear power plants from top to bottom who put their hearts and souls into work. A detail in the video shows that in order to save time and avoid danger, two workers chose to directly connect the loophole, which became the last straw that broke the camel, causing the pipeline of the nuclear power plant to be overstressed and completely exploded. It shows that the entire power station, from the leaders to the comrades, can only cope with the work and salary.
In nuclear power plants, the opinions of directors who really understand technology, work conscientiously, and have a sense of justice are not taken seriously, and they are even excluded, criticized, attacked, and suppressed. The secretary who sent the crisis report to the president was replaced. The first-level staff and the leading departments are only concerned with safeguarding their own interests for one after another high-sounding reason. Those who work hard, find problems, and are positive and upright are suppressed one after another, and the rest can only turn a blind eye. , let it pass, be wise and protect oneself, or join forces.
So everyone can only watch a crisis that could have been foreseen by chance, but keep sliding in the most dangerous, worst and terrifying direction according to a predictable track, but they are unwilling to stop, unable to stop, or powerless to stop. Error correction opportunities that could have solved the crisis in the bud were missed by impatience, ignorance, and indifference, and things became more and more serious until they were out of control, until they could not be concealed at all. until it collapsed completely.
In the end, it is only the bottom of society who have sacrificed their interests and been ruthlessly abandoned to save the country from the crisis. This scene is too familiar. Shocking, creepy, and grief-stricken, but it doesn't seem to change.
Once Pandora's box is opened, the world can only go to the dark abyss in the given direction. Where can there be the hand of God? The second half of the movie tells us that those lofty ideals and beliefs are actually illusory, and those who make self-sacrifice for the sake of their loved ones and the vows they will never forget are the ultimate saviors. Saved loved ones, relatives, friends, country.
Hopefully those painful images will never be shown in the real world. I hope things in this world don't have to slide down the path of impatience as expected.

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