Would you trade your life for national security?

Chelsey 2022-10-13 11:09:28

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Tunnel 7.6

Honestly, it doesn't feel like that

Why should one person's life be exchanged for the safety of the whole country?

Why let the prime minister go

Let the prime minister who concealed and obstructed the truth to fix it.

Retain the b on the reactor regardless of human life

Just push all that faction forward

They don't deserve to live, they don't deserve to be judged

To make it feel like radiation and bombs

The webmaster was really good from start to finish

In the end, I didn't write what happened to those people.

the only shortcoming

Running separately in the face of national disaster

When I saw it, I went to Baidu deliberately.

South Korea is about the size of Zhejiang Province.

Population around 5000w

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