Korean Chernobyl accident - "Pandora"

Kaya 2022-09-18 11:01:49

In the days when Wuhan pneumonia is raging, I have more time to read and watch movies. Movies, I can't help but always choose some disaster movie themes. Today, I have more feelings for the panic and doomsday complexes shown in the movies.

"Pandora" tells the story of a nuclear accident at a South Korean nuclear power plant in an earthquake, and the nuclear radiation is catastrophic. In fact, the entire Korean peninsula has been shrouded in nuclear haze, this film uses fictional stories to release people's inner fears. Humans have undoubtedly won the highest level of competition in the food chain, and no animal can challenge this position of human beings, but the most likely haze of human destruction seems to be two - "nuclear" and "virus".

The nuclear accident of "Pandora" is relatively better than the complexity of the TV series "Chernobyl". Adding water and placing bombs under it is completed. During this process, we can see the incompetent government at a glance, repeatedly in catastrophic events. Acting as the maker of man-made disasters, this kind of "government shady" has always been shown by Hollywood and South Korea, which has studied Hollywood movies, in this type of film, showing people's inner vigilance against government power. The government that endured the humiliation and the people who understood it, the people expressed that they would not cause trouble to the party and the country, and that no matter how many mistakes the country has made, they can be corrected correctly through their own wisdom and greatness. This is also where the depth of social criticism and reflection on such topics in China is often not high.

Nuclear is the Pandora's box discovered by human beings. Once opened, it will open the door of its own doom. While it benefits human beings, it also harbors a huge threat. In the movie, we see the drawbacks of Korean chaebol politics, which can kidnap the government's legislative policy for personal gain. In the end, a tragedy of opportunity to destroy the country was brewed. What impresses me most about this movie now is the scene where the entire social order completely collapses. The chaos, looting of supplies, and icy isolation all make people feel the coolness of reality. In the end, little people save all living beings. This is also the routine of this kind of theme. The victims are not tall heroes, but full of flaws, just like the little people who live by your side. The faults and heinous crimes committed at the national level will eventually be let down. Ordinary people paid a heavy price. So patriotic, don't be wary of the evil of the government.

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