We who have opened Pandora's box have never been in awe.

Anabel 2022-10-19 01:47:14

Korean movies really love to satirize the government, at least the few disaster movies I've watched recently. The film even shows the desperation and fragility of the president, who needs to be awakened by his wife to regain his strength. (I'm starting to wonder how incompetent the Korean government really is.)

The male protagonist created by the script is a very three-dimensional character. He grew up in a village near the nuclear power plant. His father and brother died because of the nuclear power plant. He hates nuclear power plants and fears nuclear power plants. Although he is a technician at a nuclear power plant, he likes to sleep in late and doesn't work hard. He takes his father's compensation to do business in the city, but it winds up at a loss. He also wants to escape to South America to fish. When finally encountering a crisis, I want to escape as soon as possible. He said, "Why should we die for this shit country"? It is a foolish thing to die for the country, but he is willing to sacrifice himself in order to keep his family alive. This is also the most down-to-earth part of the movie. The sacrifice of the technician is not for the safety of all mankind, but only for his lover. At the end, when the male protagonist said his final farewell to his family through the live broadcast, we saw that he was not a hero. He was wronged, annoyed, and deeply indignant, and burst into tears: "Why do you want to die like this?" Just remember him. The movie does not praise the greatness of heroes, nor does it deliberately exalt the spirit of human sacrifice. Such a setting is more in line with the character of an ordinary person.

Finally, the movie points out that after the Fukushima nuclear power plant accident, many countries began to anti-nuclear, but South Korea still added nuclear power plants. A film that is positive to the government is also full of sincerity, and the industry has a conscience.

For the rapid development of science and technology and economy, human beings have made great efforts, but also paid a huge price. Nature is constantly fighting back, and we are like opening Pandora's box, but there is never a trace of awe.

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