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Arnold 2022-10-13 07:17:55

4.11 read it on the same day. Four stars, because it is sensational enough. There are only so many types of disaster films, and they have been demanding, and there is no way to make new tricks. But we can reflect more on the root causes of disasters and recall the heroes of reality. Heroism is deconstructed in this film as ordinary people who just want to do their best to protect the will of their family after being "sentenced to death". It is not for a certain party, a certain organization, a certain government or a certain country to be a dying hero. This movie reminds me of the British drama "Chernobyl" I watched last year, and related movies. Jiang Jae-hyuk said that he hopes to be remembered after death, which is also what we living people should do. Chernobyl, the Liangshan fire, the new crown pneumonia, batches of people died, they may be like Jiang Zaihe, they hate to wipe the butt of those delays, concealments, and garbage bureaucracy, but only they have the consciousness to sacrifice their lives and sacrifice their lives. They are not for the above group of people who make them sick, but for the living family. We need heroes because we are more cowardly than them, and we are afraid of death, but we are afraid to die, so we hope that there will be heroes in the world who stand up for us. We are instilled in the concept that heroes are dying , so the hero becomes the supreme state of abandoning himself in this national language.

In terms of energy, I have always been in favor of nuclear energy. As for the principle of nuclear energy, I recommend going to YouTube to watch Li Yongle's brief explanation. But just as the director takes the title of a movie, it has infinite energy and infinite danger, its advantage depends on the right policy, and its evil lies in the corrupt bureaucracy.

In the movie, the prime minister's handling of the disaster has changed from concealment and delay to the forced implementation of large-scale martial law. There are two issues that need to be clarified. One is that it is difficult for small countries to bear the calamity of nuclear energy, which is determined by objective conditions. The second is that panic will happen regardless of the size of the country. So if so, is the Prime Minister's solution the "right" one?

not necessarily. The immoral and incompetent president asked if there was a danger emergency plan, and the answer was no. In other words, the Prime Minister's seemingly "reasonable" coercive measures are actually based on a completely unscientific and irresponsible premise. What any country or government needs to do is not to train countless hard-line prime ministers, but to establish a more scientific, more transparent and more effective institutional foundation, and never make amends.

Finally, every time I watch a Korean movie, I will tell my friends that this country is over, and the current Moon Jae-in can’t eradicate the power of the consortium, but in turn, he is controlled by the consortium, and he is still dormant for decades. But at the same time, I feel that there is still hope for this country, and as the movie says, there is still a glimmer of hope. That's good, don't be like this day, hope can't be expressed, only deep love and deep despair, then there is nothing.

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