Making an expected story wonderful and earning enough tears from the audience is the great thing about Koreans.

Savanna 2022-09-20 17:19:48

Samsung. At the beginning of the film, people will think that this is a very boring film. After all, everything has been expected, but the Koreans still exert their strengths and bring the touching to a good level. Weird stories become watchable. And the protagonist in the film is not very handsome, does it seem more real? The film includes everything that a disaster film should have, such as embodying the love between families, powerless petty citizens resisting becoming smaller heroes, friendship and sacrifice, etc. These films have been done very well and have earned a lot of tears from the audience. The most exciting part is that the nuclear power plant technicians did not choose to sacrifice because of caring about this country. The male protagonist said, "Why should we die for this shit country?" With more nuclear radiation, it is basically difficult to survive, so he simply sacrifices himself for his family. At the last moment of life and death, Jin Nanji said his final farewell to his family through a live broadcast. This episode brought tears to my eyes. Apart from sensationalism, the male mainstream showed despair, fear, and unwillingness, which is more in line with the human nature of an ordinary person. color as it should be.

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  • Jae-hyeok: Are you crazy?

    Yeon-joo: Last night you went to a club to pick up girls, didn't you? Then you went out drinking at a street stall.

    Jae-hyeok: I just drank a bit. I went straight home afterward. It's true!

    Yeon-joo: You are dead today. Auntie I'm going.

    Mrs. Seok: Why? I thought you were going to break his legs.

    Yeon-joo: Wait until after work.

  • Jae-hyeok: What a bunch of idiots. They must be crazy!