The singing and dancing are great!

Merl 2022-07-15 18:34:53

The ending was good, the bad guys have bad retribution, and finally there is an open ending. It's really inexplicable. Do you want to make a sequel? And what about the character setting of the blind old man, mainly to lead out the dog? I thought he was the big boss!
The song and dance in the middle is not bad, the lingering of strong men and beauties, but when I think of the artistic conception that describes the younger brother and his wife living a married life, I burst out laughing, and the lyrics are also interesting. As soon as the last scene darkened, it was the next morning, how harmonious.
The song and dance at the end was also very engaging. The image of the male lead singer of a vampire and the knife reminded me of "Screaming Scream". The big "13B" on his chest is so relevant! The female lead singer's topless outfit is a highlight. Jazz and belly dancing are really fun.

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