Block B on the 13th floor with a little surprise

Tillman 2022-09-10 04:41:53

After watching the Indian movie, Block B on the 13th floor, although I have reservations about singing and dancing in horror movies (after all, singing and dancing are the great love of the Indian people), the actresses are still Indian beauties as always, so I will not talk about the singing and dancing in the film and at the end of the film. what.
However, I feel that this film still gave me a lot of surprises, and the plot design is quite attractive. In Block B on the 13th floor, the soap opera called All Things Goes on at 13:00 on time. All this is not a coincidence. Although India retains its own traditional culture, it may still be deeply influenced by Western culture in some places, such as the number 13. We all know 13, a number that is considered unknown in some Western countries. So the story begins with the title. I think the biggest ingenuity of this film is to use television, which is closely related to our daily life, as a magical entry point. The soap opera is exactly the life of the protagonist's family, and the two families in the two spaces build a rich story line, so that your heart is attracted by the plot. But it's 2 hours and 20 minutes long, and it's a little sluggish in some places, but if you're not particularly impatient, I think this 2009 Indian movie is still worth watching!

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