The heart is deceived above all things

Roel 2022-07-10 20:03:40

It's rare to see such a crazy mother-son movie. In my impression, only the old perverted woman Isabelle Huppert's "Mother, the Limit of Love/ma mere" can match. Isabelle Huppert brought a sexy woman to her son's bed and played bisexual games with her and him, triggering the son's nervous breakdown. At the end of the film, the mother died, and the son actually started masturbating at the mother at the funeral, and was found beaten up, and it was over.
In "The heart is deceitful above all things", the mother is a typical decadent and rebellious woman. She was born in an orthodox Christian family and strictly disciplined in her childhood. When she grew up, she became more rebellious. When I was 10 years old, I messed with a man and gave birth to a child, and did not fulfill the responsibility of motherhood. The child was awarded by the social worker to someone else for adoption. She pretended to be innocent and pretended to be rehabilitated, deceived her 7-year-old illegitimate child from the social worker, and took her son on the road to perform a good road movie. Give my son a psychedelic drug (the film creates a very beautiful mental psychedelic effect after the mother and son are overcome with the drug, the coal that bleeds and weeps, the evil bird with red feathers...), and in front of my son, debauched with countless men, jumping and undressing Dance makes money, dresses her son in a girl's skirt, and after being abandoned by all the men, takes her son to a frenzy. The last two escaped from the mental hospital and went back on the road.
The director may think that this kind of mother-son relationship is real, that it is "not fraudulent", and that the so-called "normal human heart" has been wiped out to restore the instinct of survival.

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