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Nonna Ryder's, Winona Ryder doesn't act in many movies because of depression. She is a very beautiful woman, very hurt and clean beauty,,,, think of Christina Ricci, the same, the same... ...all women who can't settle themselves, all talented women. The same, all the same... It's this kind of beautiful but broken union called grief...
The little boy leaves the house while his mother is asleep, runs...runs ...and sometimes turn around in a hurry ... the
cross stands abruptly on the side of the highway, it is a very high cross ... the
mother said: if I don't come to pick you up, they will crucify you The
boy said: but they Give me ice cream.
Mother said: You clearly came out of my stomach, why are you so lonely now...
The old car was speeding on the highway, the mother let the boy swallow a pill, and she swallowed a pill herself. The scene began to shake, the mother's body rhythm with the music, the boy tried to open his eyes to see clearly, but he didn't know what he was looking at was just an illusion. The
mother said: Look, now we are together, that's because no one wants you , you remember. The
mother gave the boy three pillows and let him sleep in the bathtub.
The mother's man beat the boy with a belt, the boy screamed, the mother put the cloth in the boy's mouth, the boy saw himself walking in the desert, two A blood-red bald eagle is flying overhead. The
boy and his mother take medicine, drink, go to the bar, laugh together, bark together, and grab food from the rubbish heap together. The
mother said: For more than ten years, I have been with a group of lunatics , maybe I'm a lunatic too. What about you? Are you crazy? The
boy said: I think the soul has flown away.
Another man, the mother said: I'm going on our honeymoon with your new dad, and I'll give it to you in the refrigerator Saved some food. The
boy painted a lot of ugly dolls on the walls of the house, he was tired and lay down on the sofa and fell asleep. When
he woke up, he saw a man sitting on the side sobbing.
The man said: Your mother ran away, when the money ran out. The
boy didn't speak, he quietly took a belt and handed it to the man, saying: I'm sorry I drew a picture on the wall, I thought you guys wouldn't come back The
man looked at him and said: Don't worry, I will do nothing to you.
Then the man pressed his body over, and the boy saw that the sky turned blood red.
The man drove the boy and left the boy in the field and said to him: I'm sorry. Then left. The
boy was found by the police and taken to the hospital, and woke up to see himself being examined by several doctors, with cold instruments exploring his body. The boy saw blood red feathers flying around him, and the two blood The red vulture stopped in front of the hospital bed with his internal organs in his mouth... The
boy was picked up by his grandfather, who was a priest in a church. Remembering and, sin always happens in the place closest to God. The
boy preached the teachings in the center of the square, his mother dressed in white The nightdress walked barefoot across the street and pulled the boy away. The
boy said: Why should I go with you. The
mother said: Because I am your mother.
The boy saw a Bible flying in the sky, flying farther and farther, farther out of sight...
The boy found a piece of shredded paper and a pen in the garbage, and wrote I LOVE YOU crookedly.
The mother took the note from the boy, smiled, and tore it into pieces. The
mother took the boy to put on makeup, and the foundation raised the bridge of his nose. Inkstone gray eye shadow, red lipstick, curly hair. Looking at the
mirror, the mother said: What a beautiful girl. The
boy smiled and said: Not bad.
The boy was wearing the white pajamas of his mother, scratching his head in front of the mirror, looking from the mirror What he saw was the appearance of his mother, the appearance of her mother scratching her head. He said to himself: You are such a sexy stunner, even God fell for you.
The boy seduced his mother's man, and he saw the blood-red vulture again.
Another man, the boy deliberately made an accident, let the coal in the basement burn, and the man was burned alive. The
boy and his mother started to run, in the supermarket, in the open space.
The boy was eating greedily in the garbage heap. The
mother said: You Be careful, those are not clean. Maybe you've been poisoned, you're dying.
The boy said: yes, give me the antidote, the antidote. The
mother sang: you're going to die, you're going to die...
boy Said: I can't die, I'm dead, who will accompany you...
Mother said: Do you think I need you? You ruined my life, sooner or later you will kill me.
Mother handed the boy a brown bottle , said: This is the antidote, drink it quickly. Drink it slowly, don't finish it. The
boy takes it and drinks it. The
boy starts foaming at the mouth, and the mother leaves.
The boy wakes up and sees himself lying on the hospital bed, wearing Oxygen mask. I was told that my mother was also in the same hospital. She was caught by the police. Because she was running naked on the street, shouting: The end of the world is coming.
Late at night, the mother and the boy escaped from the hospital... Disappeared in the night ...
the movie ends.

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