Strange Oedipus complex?

Dee 2022-07-10 18:11:29

I don't know why it translates to "Chocolate Elvis" in Chinese. No matter from that angle, it has nothing to do with Chocolate Elvis. The literal translation from the English movie title should be "Of all things, the human heart is the most deceiving". The movie is based on JT LeRoy's second (same title) novel. JT LeRoy is a transgender man. A strong Oedipus complex made him think of himself as a girl since he was a child. His first novel "Sarah" (Sarah is said to be his mother's name) and this "The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things" are said to be based on his own experience. He is said to have published his first novel as a 16-year-old drug-free, HIV-positive, truck stop prostitute. Several of his novels made him very famous. Also makes him a very controversial writer. His peculiar experiences cast him a veil of mystery. He was born to a 14-year-old unmarried mother, and at the age of 4, he was legally taken back from a foster home by an 18-year-old mother who had just grown up. Since then, he has been drifting around with his mother who is a waitress and often prostitutes, living a kind of life. abnormal life. He learned to drink and use drugs. Mental, physical, and sexual abuse by my mother, and my mother's many boyfriends. Nevertheless, he is deeply attached to his mother, to be like his mother. So he also pretended to be a girl and learned to sell himself at a truck stop. Until the age of 14, 15 out of that life. This novel and the film made from it are based on this life of the author. The novel "Sarah" is also based on the author's life. "Sarah" was originally set to make a movie, but then I didn't know how to give up. In addition to the author's bizarre background, the author himself is also very mysterious. For a long time no one knew who JT LeRoy was. When he (she) appears in public (press conferences, book signings, etc.), he always wears big sunglasses, wears a different female wig, and looks like a charming 20-year-old woman, in line with what he said he is transgender of. Later found out that the JT LeRoy writer is fake and there is no JT at all LeRoy, his life experience is fake. The novel was written by a man who asked his sister-in-law to wear sunglasses and a wig to appear in public as the author. There are many theories as to why this is done. Although the author himself is fake and his background is fake, the novel and this movie are really good. The film depicts a boy's bizarre life experiences and his complicated, nuanced relationship with his abusive, unconcerned mother. It is a good movie describing the psychology of complex characters.

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The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things quotes

  • Older Jeremiah: [after being caught by Sarah, eating food in a dumpster she says was poison] But... but I don't wanna die.

    Sarah: You ate poison! You ate poison!

    Older Jeremiah: If I die, who will watch the walls?

    Sarah: You think I need you? You've done nothing but ruin everything for me. I was fine on my own until you came along. I sacrificed everything for you.

  • Young Jeremiah: [getting into the car after picking Jeremiah from the police station, Sarah lites up a cigarette] It's bad you smoke, my momma always says so

    Sarah: Is that what she said?

    [puts the cigarette out]

    Sarah: there.

    [blows smoke in Jeremiah's face]