Warm encouragement for those who are not confident

Martine 2022-09-09 09:56:47

The movie "Dummy Puppet Life, Groom 100%, Dumb" tells the story of an autistic and shy 30-year-old man who gave up his job and pursued his childhood dream - to become a puppet-playing ventriloquist, in the process of unemployment and puppet-playing in the story.
This is an American independent film. I think this movie is much more interesting than many Hollywood movies. The people inside talk to the puppets, the close-ups of the puppets are very creative. The male protagonist talks to the puppet on the failed date. The puppet demeans him and says that he is just a wood, so let the male protagonist be realistic. That night, the hero had a dream, dreaming that he became a puppet, the puppet became the master, and locked him in a box. The next day the actor said something: It (referring to the puppet) is very similar to everything, and I don't want to rely on him anymore. He is also playing the puppet, but he is more charming, more confident and humorous than him. Isn't that the other side of him? But he never dared to show it. This dream wakes him up, it turns out that he is also a puppet manipulated by his parents and society in reality! ! The parents seem to be encouraging their two siblings, but they are actually asking them to be realistic and be a puppet manipulated by reality. Since puppets can act like anything, why can't they be themselves?
After watching this movie, I was deeply touched, how much the unconfident male protagonist looks like himself now. Thanks to this movie, I know that what I can do is not just endure and complain, but also change.

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