Don't be afraid to live with your parents! ~

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Because I'm obsessed with doing witty, childish behaviors that don't match my age. Because I like to drink too much and go home and throw my stinky panties and socks in the washing machine and never care about cross-contamination and the like. I ruined a short-lived love again. Simply put, I'm going from the girl's house with the game console and Lego and the floral shirts, fuck off! ! ! ! ~

This kind of experience has been reincarnated 3 times since I moved out in 2009. I didn't feel any sadness, sadness or grievance. Halley's Comet has been signed to Earth for more than 70 years, and I am just a commoner. He never blames himself or reviews himself, because of his nature, he changed - not -. I just feel like I'm taking the Circle Line subway, starting from the starting point, reaching the end point, without getting off, and continuing to start from the starting point, circle after circle. It's just that the advertisement in the carriage has changed from Shanmu training to 58.

I want to say that in the environment where my brothers, sisters and sisters around me are starting to live independently and no longer addicted to frequent toasts and fast drinks, I am still like a primary school student who ran away from home. The one who dares to go too far from home and always wants to be found by his classmates, teachers and family.

My parents told me to go home and live. I don't recommend that I rent a house with the outside and play like a little adult. I'm 32 and I still feel like I just blew out my 23rd birthday candles last week. To live with my parents again, sounds shameful. That's what bothers me the most. Where is the dignity? What's the point? I ask God! ~

It's good to live at home! ~You don't have to worry about rent, water and electricity anyway. I have frozen barley tea when I get home from get off work. There is also beef noodles to eat, and then pour a few spoonfuls of freshly fried chili oil, which is more fragrant. Mystery and Illustrated in my dad's bookcase can give me more imagination. The garden platform in the community is also suitable for running. On weekends, I can also teach my sister's children to play Lego and be a familiar uncle.

Ever since I didn’t have a job, my family has always supported me like this, telling me to draw cartoons with my family if I like to draw cartoons, to find a job if I want to go to work without being out of touch with the society, and don’t make myself unhappy anyway.

But when I moved out before, I thought my wings were hardened, I was independent, and I could finally get rid of my parents' surveillance, and I always wanted to show them some ironclad evidence that I could stand above the ground. Although I give my family money every month. But rarely go back. Even if there are 52 weeks in a year, and I go back every week, I will see my parents 52 times in total. While eating and chatting, I always take out my mobile phone and give others a thumbs up.

What kind of mood should I have and what kind of expression should I carry my childish belongings and go back to my parents' house?
I suddenly remembered a movie I saw when I was 22 years old, it was called "Dummy" (Puppet Life/Groom 100%). The protagonist is also an idiot in his 30s who lives with his parents. It gave me the courage to go home and live. Let me no longer confusedly put myself in the ranks of the old clan.

Now that I think about the encounter with Dummy, it's pretty dramatic.

It was a drowsy spring afternoon as hot as it was now, with catkins constantly digging into nostrils. My classmate asked me to come to his house to buy pirated movies. From Xidan, take the bus and transfer to Qianmen to Heyi Farm in Beijing. The South Fifth Ring Road in Beijing can be said to be a cultural desert. After all, it is a suburb, so the scenery on both sides of the road looks more interesting than high-rise buildings. I sat in the last row of the carriage, as if I was going on a picnic, opening the window and staring. White pollution piles up under the crackling high-voltage radio station with sparks, people sneaking in and out of the greenhouse, wondering if there are leeches in the rice fields, the guards at the lumber mill maybe playing cards after eating canned luncheon meat Do yourself a favor.

When the scenery that caught my eye turned into a building again, I also got out of the car. Went to the farmer's market with my classmates. This may be the most bizarre CD-buying experience I've ever had. Smelling the smell of yellow rotten eggs and the smell of rotten fish and shrimp, I tiptoed past the muddy soup running on the ground before I met the seller.
Before I came here, I had made the worst plan. I felt that if I died, I would buy some mainstream popular blockbusters. After all, this is the South Fifth Ring Road! ~Not Xinjiekou in the second ring road! ~

I was flabbergasted when I took over the stacks of DVDs from the pirate dealers. There are too many awesome movies. Anyway, I bought "Wild Zero" starring Guitar Wolf that day, the rare "War Fairy Tales" set, the "Water Traveler" replayed by CCTV late at night, and the grumpy mustache Robert Carlyle in "Trainspotting" in his early years. "Lower Life," "Lost in Translation," which had just caused an uproar at the 2004 Oscars, and "Dummy."

"Dummy" is the most mainstream of the movies I bought, the one that plays the most family warmth, and the one I didn't like to face when I was a kid. I bought it all because it had Milla Jovovich on the jacket poster. As for the actor Adrien Brody, I just know that he played "The Pianist". In fact, I haven't watched "The Pianist" even now, because I still like those weird movies played by Adrien Brody.

"Dummy" is definitely the first low-key embrace of low-budget mainstream dramas in his acting career. The plot is pretty boring. Everyone got a good ending. A theme full of family fun.

The beginning of the film is very melancholy, with Adrien Brody being fired from the company, driving in a dull car with his newly bought puppet on the seat. On the way home, Mike Ruekberg sang "Years" in the car. The pirates are very conscientious and translate the lyrics into Chinese. Although the lyrics are very simple, even people of my level can understand it.

You don't get those years back
Time you wasted sleeping late
Wasn't wise to throw out your direction
Before you knew your way
You don't get your seat back
You got up and lost your place
You should learn by leaving in the middle
Now you're lost in space
You don't get your dreams back
Once you left them get away
The night plans are always diss apearing
In the light of day
You don't get those years back
You don't get those years back you
don't get those years

When I read it again at the age of 32, I couldn't help but smack my tongue for countless wasted time and overdrafting my youth.
Follow the camera, through the perspective of Adrien Brody, enter the house, go up the stairs, and see his family in turn.

My father is obsessed with making models of warships, my mother is keen on entertaining guests, and my sister who is engaged in wedding planning is always mean-spirited, and she is always on guard against the remarriage harassment of her ex-husband who is a drama actor.

Adrien Brody, who is unemployed at home, hides in her room every day to practice ventriloquism with a puppet. Tell it what you want but don't have the courage to fulfill.

There really is no privacy in living with parents. In addition, he is 30 years old and has no girlfriend. Every time his mother pushes the door and comes in to deliver cookies, he always suspects which ventriloquist puppet Adrien Brody is molesting. The older sister even mocked the incompetent Adrien Brody, who was only worthy of a lifetime with a puppet.

Fortunately, Adrien Brody and Milla Jovovich's childhood sweetheart. Can accompany him in his pursuit of a female counselor working in an employment agency.

The rock girl played by Milla Jovovich is just too cute. Wearing big camouflage pants, dirty sneakers, big metal band Tee, rehearsing wildly with the band buddies. After returning home, he obediently pinched her fat mother's feet, and nodded silently as she listened to her mother's teachings about resisting premarital sex. You can see that she still has the heart of a good child in her Hard Core.

It may be because they are too childish, Adrien Brody and Milla Jovovich never get together in the film. But she still contributed to Adrien Brody's romance. Although the female counselor is a single mom. Thanks to the screenwriter for not letting childhood sweethearts sublime to the bridal chamber like many movies that also dabble in this kind of character relationship.

As for the inspirational story line is always essential. The improvement of ventriloquism ability has led to a surge of confidence in dealing with people. Of course, the long process of accumulating experience points to level up is always mixed with emotional tricks and quarrels. After the reconciliation, the film also came to an end a little tired.

The last paragraph is a joyous scene of sunny singing and dancing. My sister successfully helped others to plan their weddings and reflected her own value in her work. Milla Jovovich and buddies were the backing band at the wedding. Adrien Brody got a job in the community performing puppet ventriloquism for the elderly and a mature woman from an employment agency. By the way, I knocked down my sister's ex-husband who came to make trouble with a prop pistol. Showing his tough side, he no longer hesitates and shyness.

I thought it would end in this quasi-family carnival form. When the list of staff members popped up, Milla Jovovich was smoking a cigarette in a corner of the wedding venue, and heard the emotional emotion of her sister's ex-husband, saying that the last light of his life had been turned off. Milla Jovovich's heart collided, she dropped her cigarette butts, and the two lost orphans began to talk and introduce themselves to each other. Subtitles and black screen also appear just right. Leave the audience an open ending.

Scribblingly recalling the good endings in the movie world. I have to face reality too.
Actually it's nothing. Do it again. There is nothing shameful about choosing to go home and live, at least it can make the family more lively, and the whole family can sit at the big dinner table and chat about "News Network". Say it again with TVB's signature family dialogue.

Whether you are embarrassed to live with your parents at the age of 30, or have been working independently for many years, "Dummy" is suitable for you. Giving yourself some optimistic confidence also revives the familial relationship that is gradually estranged. This movie is your ventriloquism puppet, through which you can express all the affection you are usually embarrassed to express in 91 minutes.

I really want to watch Dummy with my parents, but I forgot who to lend the DVD to?

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