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Alexys 2022-09-18 18:43:19

Superego is an agent of obscenity.

Sound is alien, an invader derived from trauma.

Death drive is something that is alive when it is dead.

Desire is a wound of reality.

The art of cinema consists in arousing desire, to play with desire, but at the same time, keeping it at some distance, domesticating it, rendering it properly.

Freud all about sexuality? No. On the opposite, “What are we thinking about when we are doing that?”

Why does our libido needs the universe of virtual fantasies?

The ultimate abyss is not a physical abyss but abyss of another person.

To confront subjectivity means to confront femininity.

Woman is the subject, masculinity is a fake

Nightmare: fantasy realized

We man, at least in our standard mode of sexuality, even if we are doing it with the real woman, we are effectively doing it with our fantasy. Woman is the reduced as a form of masturbation. Woman arouses us if she is in our fantasy frame.

For woman, the pleasure of sexuality comes from talking about it afterwards, but not doing it. When they are doing it, they create a short distance from themselves so as to be their own observers and narrators.

To reconcile with the world, the society(again), when the old fantasy-reality dynamic is broken into pieces, a new equilibrium needs to be reconstructed, and this process forces us to confront with the primordial anxiety, which is the only true emotion of human, all of the others are fake.

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  • Slavoj Zizek: We know very well some things, but we don't really believe in them. So although we know they will happen, we are no less surprised when they happen.

  • Slavoj Zizek: The truly horrible thing is to be involved.