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Franz 2022-09-18 19:46:22

desire projection

Human reproduction

Voice: from the depths of the soul and not just the organ

Music: The Externalization of a Potential Threat to Inner Passion

animated silent film

Partial organ death drives castrated self

Waiting for the disappearing thing to come back and flush the toilet

Man's gaze fulfills woman woman's desire threatens man

Infatuation: Self Play

Dreams Unleashed: Violent Nightmare

The real behind-the-scenes ideology of appearances

film autonomy

gazing angle sinful god

People: Dolls and puppets

become a father

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  • [last lines]

    Slavoj Zizek: In order to understand today's world, we need cinema, literally. It's only in cinema that we get that crucial dimension which we are not ready to confront in our reality. If you are looking for what is in reality more real that reality itself, look into the cinematic fiction.

  • [first lines]

    Slavoj Zizek: Cinema is the art of appearances, it tells us something about reality itself. It tells us something about how reality constitutes itself.