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Cinema is the ultimate perverted art, it doesn't give you what you want, it tells you how to want it.

"Psycho" in the cellar on the second floor and the first floor, superego, ego, id.

Humanity means "aliens" who control our animal bodies.

David Lynch's "Blue Velvet", "Mulholland Drive" and "Monster Night" can't be obtained in reality, but realized in dreams

The real seduction is not in the action, but in the language

Porn playwrights are not stupid, a young woman is lonely at home, a plumber is filling a hole in the pipe, and the young woman says "Can you mend another hole for me?"

Mental rape is worse than physical rape, saying "fuck me" and then leaving without doing anything.

Sex without fantasy is like a real nightmare. Fallen heaven is hell.

All feeling is false except anxiety.

Gnostic theory, our world was created imperfectly, it's a freak, with voids, rifts, gaps, it's not completely real, it's incomplete.

Standard Hitchcock-style tension, the character walks into the door, checks the stairs, the camera is reversed, the character prepares to go upstairs, and the unfathomable staircase hides an element of horror.

We fear death and want immortality, but the really scary thing is immortality, not death.

Why did the simple, terrifying communist Stalin like rural musicals? The answer is still "superego" consciousness - the need for absolute command, absolute sacrifice

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    Slavoj Zizek: In order to understand today's world, we need cinema, literally. It's only in cinema that we get that crucial dimension which we are not ready to confront in our reality. If you are looking for what is in reality more real that reality itself, look into the cinematic fiction.

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    Slavoj Zizek: Cinema is the art of appearances, it tells us something about reality itself. It tells us something about how reality constitutes itself.