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first part


The magical experience of realistic reproduction of the film

Illusion space projected onto the scene - Cinematic Art

"The Matrix"

Fiction has made up our reality,

Take away the imaginary symbols and lose the reality

The Third Pill: Reality in Fantasy

"Flock of Birds"

Oedipus... "Why do birds attack?"

The intrusion of foreign objects, tearing apart reality (reality disintegration)

Attack of the Birds: The Outburst of the Maternal Superego, the Blocking of the Maternal Image

Flock of Birds: Primal Incest Energy

Psycho in the cellar of the mother's house

Second Floor - Superego Image of the Dead Mother of the Superego

First Floor - Self Normal Son

Basement - Id Impulse

The deep connection between the superego and the id

"Duck Soup" The Three Max Brothers

Groucho neuroactive superego

Chico arrogant ego

Harpo's voiceless id - impulses are silent


Id - childlike innocence, primal evil aggressiveness

A unique combination of absolute depravity and innocence

"The Exorcist"

The Will of Dr. Mabus

The complex Oedipus complex of sound guilt

Can't get rid of how to domesticate?

Chaplin "The Great Dictator"

People applauded him the same way they applauded Hitler

The ultimate redemption of music / For music we can never be sure

Externalizing Inner Passion, Always a Potential Threat

David Lynch's 'Mulholland Drive' Fallen Woman, But the Song Continues

The phenomenon of local self-releasing of objects (?)

'Alice in Wonderland' Cheshire Cat disappears but smile remains

"Organs Without Bodies" - The Demonic Immortality of the Death Drive

"Hong Lingyan" undead red shoes

'Doctor Strangelove' The Unloved Strangelove's Hand Raised

the core of personality

"boxing Club"

'Night of the Dead' Destroys Puppets, But His Talking Voice Is Twisted Like Puppets

The only way to solve the local self-release of an object is to become this object

'Blue Velvet' Complements Fantastic Patriarchy A Spectacular of Ridiculous Violence

Core Issue Dorothy's Passive

Intertwined fantasy, oscillating between three foci

"Vertigo" Scotty's peeping position, observed through the gap

Madeleine seems to be really in reality - the gaze of imaginary fantasies

'The Grand Conspiracy' The Gaze Is A Vague Spot A Blind Spot

The stared object also responds to the stare

Gene Approaching the Toilet and Psycho's Conversation

Focus object becomes gazing eye

The scariest thing: When the flush doesn't work...

The object (remainder) has returned from the dark world (chaotic primordial reality)

Psycho's Norman Bates tries to clean the bathroom, almost ten minutes of cleanup details

The satisfaction of doing a job well...not building something new, but cleaning up the smudge marks

Contain the chaos of the dark world (break out and devour us)

The texture of reality in "Birds" is disrupted by distortion (the first attack of birds) Desire is drawn into reality by distorting reality

Desire is the wound of reality

Movies - Arouse and express desire and keep a safe distance from it

the second part

Sexual fantasy elements make sex act

lost fantasies

'The Matrix' Neo wakes up from his mother's body and realizes he's in a fetal container

Why does the Matrix need our energy? - Why does the energy (libido) need the matrix (fantasy virtual world)?

Why do we need fantasy support?

"Flying into Space" Tarkovsky

Science Fiction Theme: Identity Machines

Fulfill your deepest fantasies (desires) directly

The fundamental question: how to get rid of the wife?

Wife realizes that she has no consistency, no real life, just the fulfillment of his dreams (the existence of ghosts is hard to get rid of)

The Lowest Masculinity Myth: Women Can't Be Independent

Epilogue: Reconciliation with Father (??)


"Fall into your own game"

Appearance trumps reality

Part 1 Madeleine's suicide, ideal survived

The fascinating image represented by the deadly woman is death

The ultimate abyss is not the abyss of terror, but the abyss of the depths of others

"Night of Philosophy"

The subject is a partial thing, a face we see, behind it is a kind of nothingness

Spontaneous filling of that void: to see what is lacking in reality is to see subjectivity

Fantasies come true - extreme violence to come true

David Lynch, "Mulholland Drive", "My Heart is Wild"

The moment when the senses are too strong, the imaginary fantasy space is too strong, and the safe distance is lost

"Blue Velvet"

Father has heart attack - Symbolic patriarchal breakdown footage pierces grass to show us what it really is

Escape into the dream to escape the deadlock in life, but the dream is more terrifying, then escape from the dream and return to reality

"Monster Night Panic"

A juxtaposition of the two dimensions of reality and fantasy

Monotonous gray upper-middle-class reality

In fantasy space, reshaping the social environment - the realization of what you are looking for?

Barriers are externalized

Intermediate space (non-fantasy and non-reality)

"you'll never get me"

Spotlight: The Mystery of Feminine Desire

The Mystery of Female Subjectivity - The Chasm Between Cause and Effect (How Does She Respond?)


The real joy is not in doing, but in telling(??)

When making love, develop or incorporate this minimal narrative distance, observe yourself and narrate

Resist the temptation to flashback...so the most erotic (sex has nothing to do with the body, it's how physical activity is described in words

"Nude Cut"

Porn is built on a basic ban

Be as real as possible, keeping the fantasy component to a minimum

'Eyes Wide Shut' is a movie with an incredibly precise lesson about fantasy

The male protagonist desperately chased after her fantasies and ended in failure

Orgy is too bland, totally unattractive, without erotic tension...emphasis: the utter incompetence of male fantasies

How male fantasies fail to catch up with female fantasies, and excessive desire in female fantasies threatens masculinity

"Vertigo" Scotty cruelly and completely obliterates women as the entity of desire, which is the condition of desire for him

Or: masochist, I wrote my scumbag scene

Escaping the overly real encounters in fantasy

'Wild at Heart' stirs up fantasy, then refuses to act

"Piano Teacher" erika is to some extent a person who has not yet been subject to sexuality, lacking fantasy corresponding to her desires

Watching is not for arousal, "watching like a college student", just to get the attunement of desire, to learn how to get excited(???)

The appeasement side of the fantasy / the outburst of wild unbearable lust

Most Suppressed Sexual Behavior ………………

she lost her fantasy

How 'Blue' Creates Order in Dirty Water...

Julie finds out that her husband is not what she thought before (the reality coordinate collapses) How to reshape herself?

A proper distance from reality (the famous ring shot, "free-floating", a sexual relationship can only be maintained through fantasy...

Is this fantasy reconstructed? Is it the ultimate horizon of our experience?

Music as a hobby, a fascinating presence, a "religion" of the abyss that hides anxiety, the false happiness of falling asleep

Through a glass, Julie is crying - the reconstruction of fantasy

'I can mourn now because it doesn't affect me immediately'

Reconstructing fantasies to maintain relationship with the world, losing fully real moments of acceptance anxiety

Anxiety at the sound level of Birds: Silence

Mother finds neighbour dead, her cry stuck in throat

Emotions themselves are deceptive, the only emotion that is not deceptive is anxiety

the third part

The Alien 4 world is a semi-finished creation, not fully constructed yet

The alternate versions of what we may be, but haven't become haunt us, the ontology of unfinished reality

How did Dogtown make people today still believe in the magic of movies?

Set (the house is replaced by lines on the ground)

Knowing it's fiction, but still fascinated by it - fantasy exists

The Wizard of Oz's Demystified Logical Appearance Has Validity, It Has Its Own Authenticity

believe in a conditional way

'Frankenstein' 'You're bound to experience horror'

Behind the Manipulation of the Ten Commandments - Ideology

In the sense of the space that /organizes our desires/

The mysterious man who symbolizes the director/photographer in "Frightening Night"

The man who has no interest in us & he sees through you when he is in front of you

Courts in Kafka's novels, laws/courts only appear when you ask

"The Birds" Emotional Manipulation

some autonomy in the form of film (own message)

The same visual theme of "The Cape", "Rear Window", "To Catch a Thief", "North by Northwest" and "Vertigo"

Film Experience Density

The "primitive quality" of the tree is oversized and twisted...

Fire in "The Birds"

a. Standard switching of short shots, fire shots and character shots

b. Switch over the city to see the whole town

The standard setting shot - the bird's entry - the shot of God's perspective changes to the evil stare, the stare of the flock attack


The logic of "I know, but..."

everything points to murder

a. Look up the stairs - tension, between the subject and the stairs, the unfathomable threat

b. The image of the whole scene from God's perspective - forced to assume the position of the murderer, not knowing "who you are", discovering the terrible side of yourself, as an instrument of the evil spirit's will

Immortality is the scariest thing in Star Wars 3

Anakin's transformation into a father - the father monster who doesn't want to die

Freudian primal father, odious overpowering father

The ultimate object of anxiety is a living father

Frank "Blue Velvet"

absurd violent comedy deceptive

Absurd father figure moral focus: Immediately it's phallus

Embracing the energy of immortality

Ordinary people who wear phallus as a medal, symbolic authority

You are not phallus, you have phallus

The Collective Farm Musical....horror austerity and the musical

"Superego" the unconditional command of terror, the demand for total sacrifice

Also obscene laughter

Ivan the Terrible II's Encrypted Depiction of Stalin's Era

The horror itself takes the form of a musical

And the reality of political terror?

Deprived of dignity, acting like a puppet (acting like an animated character)

Pluto's Judgment Day

Fundamental illusion - not serious enough about fiction

The truth of psychology....because I think it's just a game, I can create an identity that is closer to my true self, making up excuses to show my true face

Stalker is a zone where your desires can be fulfilled if you can express your desires, but you will never be able to - solutions, religious obscurantism, gestures of self-sacrifice

"Solaris" has identity machines as objects to realize nightmare desires and fears

The form of the film: time itself as a material element of pre-narrative density, feel the inertia and monotony of this time

the density of time itself

What we see is more of a marker of time

Disintegration of the physical fabric of reality provides spiritual depth

Set a limit, and while everything stays the same, it's still seen as another place, as a place to project your beliefs, fears, things of your inner world - the vast whiteness of the movie screen

"Light of the city"

The first scene provides coordinates

Typical comedy archetype: being mistaken for a person, a point, a disturbing "stain"

Wish to erase myself/Hope to be noticed

A metaphor for our predicament: when we fall in love with someone, we don't accept him/her for who he/she really is, as long as he fits our cognitive coordinates

love - violent humiliating love

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