Farinelli--Beautiful Voice and Touching Singing

Horace 2022-08-05 09:31:43

The beautiful sound of nature penetrated my eardrums, and my soul was stripped away inch by inch, as if life had left my body. Mana Neel, you are the spirit that God gave to the world! Your enchanting voice is not what it should be in the world, like a sea witch's singing... God!! I can't restrain myself... You have brought me to a world of nothingness where there is no hustle and bustle, no crowds, just me and you. I'm listening; you're singing. You, who have dedicated your life to art, must endure the despair. "Pain, let me cry."

Farinelli, where are you? I am that pilgrim, facing the sky, waiting for you to call back the sun. When darkness envelopes the world, your high-pitched voice echoes in the air, time freezes for you, and history freezes for you. The world has only engraved a gorgeous turn of you, and I reach out to touch your breath, Lascia ch'io Pianga... That song is like gorgeous silk; it floats across my forehead, through my hair, to a distant world. I slept in this peaceful sunshine because I couldn't heal my sad heart. It was crying for you. That perfect sound line fell from the sky like a god, and you will never be seen again. Your immortality as a Baroque legend

A hundred years ago, the gods landed in Italy. His light cut off the chaos of the world. He was a humble singer. He lightly opened his red lips, and a beautiful movement floated from his throat. He wandered in this chaotic world... When he stepped on the steps of the sky to kiss the warm hand of God, the light of diamonds fell on the world. People were terrified by his soul-stirring voice of magic. People called him God instead of people. Farinelli, remember him?

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  • Carlo Broschi: I admire your nerve, madame, in daring to defy Handel.

    Countess Mauer: Women are very strong, signor Farinelli. Men's weaknesses make it necessary.

  • Carlo Broschi: [on Riccardo's opera "Orpheo"] You'll never finish it!