Beautiful brokenness is the unburnt happiness of courage

Ed 2022-10-10 09:01:26

Played this film in the Western Music Elective two months ago. The teacher just said that it was about eunuch singers, and the purpose was to let everyone know about the life of eunuch singers. The funny amphitheatre was instantly dark. For the next 2 hours, I was speechless by the terrifyingly high pitch of Farenelli (that actor was so dedicated... Sweat). What impressed him was that he hid behind the velvet curtain and explained to Handel, who was furious that the scores had been stolen, that he could interpret them perfectly, and that they should put their suspicions to rest. When he said this, his face was childish, and he was completely different from the heartthrob who was extremely charming and talented on the stage, which made people feel distressed. And the expression of him singing out loud in the winter outdoors. . . If you were born in that era, you can fulfill that wish, and make courage and beauty last forever, it is also another kind of happiness.

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