my love for you hurts

Lynn 2022-10-12 19:00:57

Interpret art with love.
Use pain to inspire.
Faranelli and brother Brica have the same wound in their eyes.
Faranelli wore a feather crown and a gorgeous cloak. The aria gushed out from the blood-red lips and teeth, suffocating tears. He is handsome, and his eyes are straight into the hearts of everyone, but he can't always impress himself.
Brica squeezed the baton lightly, leaned forward slightly and stared straight at Fanelli's eyes with a maddening admiration and a smile oozing with demonic evil.
With a selfish lie, the young Brica deceived the seriously ill Faranelli and relieved his pain with opium, he held Faranelli and put him in a bathtub with milk and kept Faranelli The voice of beauty has since added a castrat singer in Italy.
That's all in the past. The two of them are still in love-hate relationship and can't be separated from each other.
The two brothers share everything, it's a contract. After the hatred was resolved, the elder brother put a seed in the belly of the Faranelli woman, fulfilling Faranelli's wish to be a father.
Brika rode away. Brother didn't leave.
Faranelli's name is Carrillo.


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