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I feel. Losing your mind is a terrible thing. then. It seems that it is so natural to include all the deep and heavy feelings into the family.

They are a pair of brothers. The younger brother sings the tune written by the older brother. The pure voice like the sound of nature quickly dyed the whole blue sky red. Paris is crazy for him. On the stage, he looked intently at his brother who was conducting under the stage. There seems to be only each other in the world. They think that a moment is an eternity. They share success, joy and even the same woman. And he was alone in the pain of severance. so. He can never be satisfied.

When he finally couldn't take it anymore. When you can only have foreplay with the woman you love, but you have to rely on your brother for possession. He exploded. From the music. His brother's composition could no longer satisfy his growing talent for singing. He had a nightingale-like velvety voice. Almost everyone was moved by it. finally. They are heading for a break.

His brother thought hard for him day and night. An unfinished piece attracts a composer who has always hated him. The elder brother confided to the composer in anguish.

It turned out that his disability was not the fall from the horse that his brother always told him. after the death of their father. He was seriously ill. The brother was afraid that he would leave. He knew he liked to sing. I hope he can keep his pure childish voice forever. So he was castrated.

A thriving opera. A piece of writing about a composer who hates him. The truth came out. He fell to the ground in dismay and heartbroken. And this is the last song sung just for my brother. It's a song with the heaviest sadness in the world. Like the chirping of a dying thorn bird. The audience burst into tears. When they yelled encore. The composer suffered a heart attack over his death sound. he himself. Dazed and dazed. Everyone thought they saw heaven. Who would have thought there would be the most obscure pain to pile up.

How many years have passed. He could never forgive. When the older brother came to him with his best sheet music. He still couldn't tell him how much he loved him. and similar scenarios. eclipse. His singing as if to recall the sun brings people infinite hope. And this apocalyptic song didn't stop his brother from cutting his wrists because he couldn't bear the pain of losing him. Before he fell to the ground, his brother looked back in his direction with a triumphant smile. His desperate gamble paid off. He must know. There is such a glimmer of hope. So he blocked.

Fortunately, the ending is towards tolerance and open-mindedness. In the same way that they shared the same woman as before. When he looked so firmly at the woman who received his brother's sperm. There may be fear in his eyes. But always trust.

said his brother. I made you. They depend on each other. be proud of each other. Friends and relatives. The older brother left a child for him and his woman. Then he flew away with the longing for him for a lifetime. Maybe never see each other. But will be with you forever.

I was suddenly in a trance. Love is also good friendship. seem. The former is too short and the latter is too thin. to the end. When it is eternally firm and turbulent. I can no longer classify it frivolously as love or friendship. It's affection. It is an unconditional wish for each other's happiness that is inclusive, forgiving.

Peerless fairy. Whether it's the music or the plot. All suffocating.

finally. They shared each other's lives. Never be alone.


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