The biggest contribution is the dedication of such a great voice

Sandrine 2022-10-20 05:18:31

After listening to the original soundtrack of the movie for several days, I was fascinated by the impeccable and beautiful sound. The wide-span sound range and the color art in the treble area are also handled so delicately. Even the treble is still stable and powerful. I think if it was a real person singing on the stage , how the audience under the stage will listen with their hearts and sweats, and it is no exaggeration to be so nervous that they faint at the moment when he finishes well. But the long and long-lasting high-pitched voice did not even show the slightest fatigue. As a result, I ran back to read the comments and it turned out that it was not a real person. The voice I was intoxicated for a long time was the voice of technological synthesis.
Extremely disappointed! !

Because you don't have to worry anymore, you don't have to sweat for him anymore, the shock of the most important scene in the opera disappears immediately. It's still great to hear the sound now, but it only adds to the regret.

The audience can only transfer a lot of enthusiasm to farinelli's many conjectures. After seeing his official portrait, they really feel dignified and elegant, and have a great temperament. Suddenly, they are completely disappointed by the decadent and willful character portrayed in the film.

The character performance in the movie is completely from the audience's point of view, rather than integrating into the characters. The childhood Farinelli panicked over a suicidal eunuch, but he was a petty aristocrat, so there was no need to worry about it at all. The suggestive plot on this post was very blunt. Farinelli's suspicion of his brother is too much, too often, and too much emphasis. Even though Farinelli is talented, the superb skills of the first and the last are not as simple as a godsend. His accusation of his brother's music is also entirely from the perspective of future generations. In that era when dazzling skills were just beginning to be popular, this accusation was too predictable.

I think whether it is the film itself or the audience, Farinelli is far too much of a fantasy than a real performance. Most of the films made of people who have been too long ago without reliable evidence escape this limitation. His spiritual level is even more difficult to describe. After all, "It's easy to wave the five strings in your hand, and it's hard to see the return home."

Listening to the original sound of this movie reminded me of Ji Kang's "Guangling is scattered in this world". With Italy's ban on castratos, Farinelli's voice will never be heard again. I think the biggest contribution of the movie is the dedication of such a great sound.

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