Crazy and dark but can't laugh

Summer 2022-10-23 23:19:19

In fact, I have never liked this kind of black humor. The more funny it is, the darker it is. I don't know if I'm laughing too much. It takes a while to digest every time you watch this movie. This kind of thing is realistic, heavy, depressing, too ironic, too close to collapse
. The deformed feelings of mother and son serial killers give me a little shock from time to time. There's a voice in my head calling "Oops" at the same time as there's a voice calling "Be a little bit better". The typical incest taboo realm is quite normal in their lives. Kissing the lips for more than five seconds, touching the lower body, the feelings between the two are distorted. When the mother confessed to the "Detective", she said that she created the monster herself. This is, it is true, the son only played a flustered, dull, stupid, unassertive, and swaying image from beginning to end, and the biggest culprit was actually his mother. In fact, his mother is indeed a woman with no thought and no common sense. The reason why two stupid serial killers have appeared like this, but they have never been arrested, is entirely because of her mother's tyranny, toughness, and indulgent addiction to power. She always comforted her son, telling him that she just wanted to set him free, all for his own good. And the mother is all for herself, whether it is the concealment of the cause of her husband's death, or the control of her son, and finally trying to kill her own son. That is a kind of complete possession.
Speaking of creating a monster, mother and son serial killers are completely laymen. The real Frankenstein and Dr. Strange should be fat women and their "sons"

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