world aka crow hill

Christina 2022-09-21 00:27:28

A man who wants to stick to his career is crazy.
A man who wants to love his child is crazy.
A man who wants to pursue his goals is insane.
A man who wants to avoid discrimination by others is insane.
A man who wants to feel his own existence is crazy.

The pursuit of beauty, the pursuit of love, the pursuit of ordinary, is crazy.

And those who sent them to the Raven Hill Mental Hospital
steal other people's lives,
despise their own family members,
hurt their opponents' bodies,
blame their children, and
laugh at their friends.

It is normal to be lewd, cowardly, rude, mean, stealing, greedy.

A group of lunatics looks more normal, and it is the greedy and evil mental illness that sends them to the mental hospital.
A group of lunatics seems to make more sense, and it is the devil who needs to be treated that manages them.

Fake "crazy" name, or frame normal logic, or cover up one's disappointment.

Abnormal or normal depends on the power of evil and good in your heart.

The world is also known as Raven Hill, and everyone is mentally ill. Crazy is not terrible, the terrible thing is to disguise one's own madness under the sanctimonious appearance.

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