Go crazy with Crazy City

Albert 2022-09-02 15:37:53

After reading Crazy City, I felt that I was slowly starting to go crazy. It was obvious that I sometimes had nausea and nausea, and my scalp was numb, but I often couldn't stop laughing. Several kinds of feelings that are completely different from one kind are intertwined, and it is strange not to be crazy. To read Crazy City, you don't need to fully understand the cause and effect of things, and you don't need to make clues and logic clear. Just follow the screenwriters into the episodes one by one, and just play crazy with them. It was clear from the very beginning of the letter that it was paying homage to, or more accurately speaking, a series of classic horror movie plots. You can see a lot of familiar stalks, and there is no one who can string them all together so smoothly. The fourth episode should not be too exciting. Whether it is a test of the actor's skill in one shot, or a nonsensical joke, it has played to the extreme. The nonsense of British dramas is really much higher than our nonsense. It's still not just simple madness, it's not a British drama if it's just a meaningless spoof. The so-called normal people are actually more perverted than the mentally ill. The evil and madness hidden in the heart are beyond the comprehension of the mentally ill. No one is normal, because that's how the world was originally. The screenwriter is a lunatic, the actor is a lunatic, and you are a lunatic watching the show.

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