who defines lunatic

Else 2022-09-15 12:00:00

I just finished watching the two seasons in one breath. The British drama is like a girl with a unique appearance and rich connotation. At first glance, I feel flat, a little cold, and my taste is weird, but once I get to know it deeply, I will be impressed by its inner charm and sink into it. .

This is a world that seems to be free and equal. We say that we must tolerate dissent, and the world does not need great harmony. The body is very honest, and sends those who are different from themselves to the insane asylum to be remodeled. The right to speak in the world is in the hands of the sober elites, but what if they were replaced with lunatics? It is estimated that there will not be a lunatic asylum in this world, because the crazy people are crazy because they are too persistent. Except for the things they are obsessed with, the world doesn’t matter to them at all. will hesitate.

After watching this show, I look back at the world I live in. Those who lose a comfortable life for their family for the sake of the school district housing, those who still want a second child regardless of their advanced age, and those who abandon their conscience for money, aren't it absurd?

The reason why we live and the reason we are human beings is that it is very important to live brightly and decently, but please don’t let it become the whole of life, live for the sake of life, aren’t you tired?

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