First up and then down (drama review, Alta mar)

Madeline 2022-07-21 18:56:07

On Sunday, take some time to watch a suspense series and write a review by the way.

Spanish drama "Murder at Sea"

Type of work: Suspense

Main cast: Ivana Baquero, Alejandra Onieva

Story Overview: Luxury Cruise Ship Murder

Broadcast time: May 24, 2019, a total of 8 episodes (completed)

Overall Impression:

1. Retro pictures, handsome men and beautiful women, original soundtrack, exquisite and beautiful

2. The rhythm of the plot is unstable, the first few episodes are "slow", and the second half is "Fenglin Volcano"

3. Continue the reversal, the tradition of Spanish film and television dramas, audiences who have watched "The Invisible Guest" and "Mirage" should still remember it fresh

Enter the detailed explanation

Episode 1 "The Albatross" (Albatross)

List of main characters:

Sisters (Carolina, Eva), Mysterious Woman, Uncle Pedro, First Mate Nicolás

List of main suspense:

1. The appearance of the mysterious woman is said to be an escape from marriage, how credible is it?

2. The albatross killed by the crash indicates that "this voyage is not peaceful"

3. Who did Fernando (Carolina's fiancé) call? So nervous (there is a hint in the second half of this episode)

4. Who is this man who is trying to enter Villanueva's room? What is the intention?

5. What is the purpose of the mysterious woman Luisa on board? what is she looking for?

6. What is the explanation for Pedro's "carefree"?

7. Who fell into the sea? (This section is easily reminiscent of "The Massacre on the Nile" by Detective Queen Agatha)

8. Why did the captain assert that "the woman who fell into the water did not commit suicide?"

9. How does the badge that Eva picked up help the case?

Overview of the plot structure:

1, paving the way

2. The story progresses slowly

3. A bit of British suspense drama

Plot introduction:

Sister Villanueva was invited to board a cruise ship bound for Brazil, and started the (Carolina and Fernando) marriage and honeymoon trip. Unexpectedly, due to Eva's troubles, she rescued the mysterious woman, which led to an accident.

Episode 2 "The Rings"

List of main characters:

Sister Flower, Fiancé Fernando, First Mate Nicolás, Mysterious Man

List of key suspense:

1. Who pried open the Villanueva sisters' personal belongings?

2. Fernando lied that the safe was stolen, why? Is he behind the scenes?

3. Is Manuel (the one who was caught) the murderer? Obviously not! Then why didn't he recruit himself? Is there another secret

A few interludes:

1. The love between singer and crew

2. The love between the maid and the young master Sebastián

3. The singer's entanglement with Aníbal (that is, Fernando's brother-in-law)

4. The love between Eva and Nicolás

Plot rhythm:

The suspense is still there, the story progresses unhurriedly, and gradually enters the play.

Plot introduction:

With Eva's secret investigation, more and more suspicions focus on Fernando. What is the purpose of his repeated lies? What is he hiding? Is he innocent or guilty?

Episode 3 "Sofía" (Sofia)

List of main characters:

Sister Flower, Fiancé Fernando, First Officer Nicolás, Sheriff Valera

List of key plots:

1. The murder of the suspect

2. The mystery of the mysterious woman Luisa is solved. Luisa is actually Sofía (previously worked in the sock factory of the Villanueva family in Berlin)

3. Someone tried to set fire to Eva

4. Pedro seems to know the truth, but he didn't say it, why?

5. Nicolás found a person associated with "Sofía" in the crew list

Plot rhythm:

It took a lot of time to go around, and it may also wear down the patience of the audience. Fortunately, the attraction of the plot is not diminished, and it is worth continuing to wait and see.

Plot introduction:

After the second murder and the third attempted murder, the captain decided to return to the ship to ensure the safety of the passengers

Episode 4 "Change of Destination"

List of main characters:

Sisters, Luisa, Uncle Pedro, First Mate Nicolás

List of key plots:

1. Luisa appeared. It turned out that she did not die, but was temporarily hidden. In order to tell the truth of the incident to the Villanueva sisters, can this be true? temporarily unknown

2. Carolina was told that Pedro might be bad for the sisters, so she was on alert

3. Aníbal (that is, Fernando's brother-in-law) was quite dissatisfied with the captain's decision to return to Spain, and tried to kill him.

Complaints after watching:

1. The rhythm of this episode is speechless, it just drags time

2. There is no substantial progress in the plot. In other words, the spearhead is shifted to Uncle Pedro and the captain.

3. Feeling tired and having the urge to fast forward

Plot introduction:

Luisa's words make Carolina stunned. To save herself and Eva, she must arm herself. Meanwhile, cruise ships trying to return home were approaching the eye of the storm.

Episode 5 "The Storm"

title pun

First, the storm in the natural climate;

Second, the "storm" between people on the cruise ship

List of main characters:

Sister Flower, Luisa, Uncle Pedro, First Mate Nicolás, Doctor

List of key plots:

1. The first officer was shot, Eva transfused blood for him, and he had the grace of life

2. Eva found Nicolás' wedding photos and was stunned

3. Captain Jean Xian, Nicolás succeeded

4. Luisa found evidence (film)

5. Aníbal, the lascivious/furious, was finally killed by his wife and singer

Plot introduction:

This episode is too procrastinated, and the main story has taken a small step, namely: all doubts turn to the "Uncle Pedro" line (actually three people, Pedro, the doctor, the sheriff)

Episode 6 "527 L."

Title explanation, 527L., explained according to the story: 527 people (sent to concentration camps)

List of main characters:

Sister Flower, Uncle Pedro, First Mate Nicolás

List of key plots:

1. The two sisters confront Pedro

2. The sisters found the delivery record from the film

3. Fernando confessed to Carolina that he was penniless

4. After repeated deliberation, Eva suspected that what Luisa said was not the truth, but wanted to frame it

Plot introduction:

The screenwriter continued to lead the audience around the corner, and finally focused on Pedro and Carlos (two brothers, brothers and sisters)

Episode 7 "Three Hours" (3 hours)

List of main characters:

sister flower, doctor

Plot introduction:

Carolina is drugged, and the doctor tells Eva that C's life can be saved as long as she retrieves the film within three hours.

(Comment: The plot of this episode has already started to "float". The front is still "showing flowers", and now it is "pioneering", logic and coherence are not needed. It seems that the crew has embarked on the "sit and wait for the plot to finish work," The rhythm of breaking up"...)

A little emotion:

1. The sense of jumping in the plot, the good things that have been steadily and steadily in the front are gone.

2. The characters are abrupt, confused by the enemy or the friend

3. The suspense continued to the last episode, which was praised; the characterization began to be distracted, and the reviews were negative

Episode 8 "Cain" (Cain)

Title analysis:

Cain, those who have read the Bible should not be unfamiliar with this name. "Genesis" chapter 4 verses 3 to 10 records:

Abel also offered the firstborn of his flock and the fat of the sheep. The Lord looked upon Abel and his offering, but he did not look upon Cain and his offering. Cain became very angry, and his face changed. The LORD said to Cain, "Why are you angry? Why are your countenances changed? If you do well, will you not be accepted? If you do not do well, sin lies at the door. It will desire you, But you will subdue it." Cain spoke to his brother Abel, and they were in the field, and Cain got up and beat his brother Abel, killing him. The LORD said to Cain, "Where is your brother Abel?" He said, "I don't know! Am I my brother's keeper?" The LORD said, "What have you done? Your brother's blood has a voice. cry to me from the ground.

This is the title of this episode, and that's what it means.

Plot focus:

Who sent innocent people to concentration camps? Is it Carlos or Pedro?

Plot introduction:

The truth is revealed, Carols is indisputable, confesses the crime

A little emotion:

1. Twice inversion, not natural enough, no point given at all

2. The rhythm is faster, and it is out of touch with the previous story.

3. That silly sheriff is holding on to the cause of Aníbal's death, you are wasting the audience's time and patience

4. Carols killed the sailor and turned on the zombie mode. This work finally turned into a magic drama? !

5. Sit and wait for the next season, I don’t know if it will be cut off


Screenwriter ★★★☆☆ (The first half of this story is loving, the second half is annoying)

Director ★★★☆☆ (The last two episodes are in time for construction...)

Actor ★★★★☆ (Ivana Baquero is very pure, very beautiful, great acting)

Plot ★★★☆☆ (Looking at the front, it is absolutely five-star; just looking at the back, it is worthless)

Visual effects ★★★★☆ (retro)

Sound ★★★★☆ (soundtrack)

Recommendation ★★★☆☆ (The last few episodes have lowered the level)

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