Spanish version of The Nile Massacre?

Nicolas 2022-07-21 21:34:30

In the 1940s, an ultra-luxury passenger ship carrying more than 1,600 people slowly set off from Spain and arrived at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. At the beginning of the film, the cruise ship is docked at the pier. The wealthy female sister Hua on the shore, with the housekeeper and the housekeeper's daughter, is about to board the ship, but accidentally encounters a mysterious woman. The mysterious woman claimed to be hunted down, and the sisters took her into the luxury passenger ship with sympathy. So, the suspenseful and treacherous stories slowly kicked off like this...

Murder at Sea is an 8-episode Spanish TV series from Netflix that aired in May 2019. In the past two years, Netflix has frequently launched TV series co-produced by France, Spain, Germany, South Korea and other countries. These TV series produced by multinational cooperation not only conform to the viewing habits of local audiences, but also incorporate the characteristics of American TV series. This "Murder at Sea" is a typical example. , and also has the characteristics of fast rhythm, smooth editing and outstanding details of American dramas.

In addition to the handsome men and beauties of various South American styles, the suspenseful atmosphere is also well established in this play. One after another, characters with stories and secrets promote various branches of the overall story and mysterious relationships. , conflicts of interest, and various entanglements have resulted in one murder after another, and the newly developed character relationships reveal the answers to the mysteries.

Although this drama is relatively flat in shaping the characters, and the sense of hierarchy is not strong, but as a suspense drama mainly based on decryption, the completion of the whole drama is still praised, and the holes dug in the early stage can be basically filled at the end. And the case is constantly reversing, reversing and re-turning, making the audience dizzy.

The temporary ending at the end of the show still leaves some doubts, and it also hints at the beginning of the next season. I hope Netflix can broadcast another season next year~~

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