Handsome men and beautiful women, gorgeous costumes, high-frequency reversal of the plot, Blizzard Villa mode, one ship and one society, some side plots do not know the meaning of existence, maybe because it is only the first part, some foreshadowings hav

Shemar 2022-07-21 15:45:09

The mystery at the end of the first season, there is still a secret between the heroine's father and uncle, who put the book in the golden suitcase, why the first trap is the layout of the maid, the secret of the female German translation, the boat What is the sign, where did the boat come from, what does it have to do with the sign on the gold, what is the coordinate where the big ship is going in a hurry, what is the specific content of the microfilm, whether the husband and wife are still alive, why does the old captain know this? There are many secrets, why the old captain has not gone to sea for many years, and the heroine's father only has amnesia about the location where the film is hidden. There may be a lot of foreshadowing in the first season, looking forward to the second, Spanish suspense is worth watching.

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