Disaster didn't move me Professor Morrison moved me

Devyn 2022-07-11 23:07:50

today is the Mid-Autumn Festival
. First of all, let me bless

everyone. Happy Mid-Autumn Festival ,

You have to go to work tomorrow and have a rest
. Come back early to
participate in the free movie viewing event of Yiju.com
. Thank you for your event . The feeling is nothing special. It feels a bit like (actually, I just watched the trailer), but I have a point of crying. I cried when Professor Morrison gave his life to save the lives of tens of millions of Londoners. I once wanted to watch halfway through the urge to leave, but at that moment I realized that it was worth it if I didn’t leave. This film is actually very general. The disasters in it actually didn’t shock me. Compared with the Wenchuan earthquake, it lacked more truth, although it mentioned that there were victims. 200,000 citizens of 200,000 feel empty , but don't take the movie too seriously . I can feel the helplessness of those leaders and the emergency situation at that time. It really can't be taken for granted as we civilians imagined. I don't know how to organize it. These languages ​​are like this. If you are really boring and you don't have any good movies , then watch this and feel it. Maybe you have different opinions.

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Flood quotes

  • [first lines]

    Keith Hopkins: Malcolm, have you got the latest tidal readings from Wick?

  • [last lines]

    Rob Morrison: Take my father home.