British Disaster Movie

Alisha 2022-07-11 19:16:09

I read the movie review before, and the Internet gave it a flood of bad reviews. On the contrary, it gave a high evaluation to the conjecture of Li Mi. After watching Li Mi, I was very disappointed. Therefore, I can only say that I have learned another truth. It's a very personalized behavior, and you shouldn't refer too much to popular opinions. In the end, you just went to see FLOOD. After reading it, you are still satisfied. First of all, the translation of the play title is more artistic, which is better than the original English name FLOOD. Much more, secondly, the whole play has a strong British flavor. Compared with American disaster films, it is not so modern, and the colors are more hazy, but the sense of picture is strong, and the special effects of the film are quite natural. These landscapes of Zhong are like ink paintings. The air conditioner in the theater was very good that day. Looking at the sea water blowing on the screen, it seemed that the water vapor was sprayed on the body, so realistic~~

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  • Rob Morrison: Nice flowers. And I know it's not your birthday.

    Samantha 'Sam' Morrison: Yeah, I know. It's great, isn't it?

    Rob Morrison: Yeah, it's great. Does he know you hate roses?

  • Zak: Bloody hell, it's a proper mission getting down here, isn't it?