"Water Roaring and Fog City": A stupid film made by a stupid director (severe spoilers)

Augustine 2022-11-07 02:06:45

I watched "Water Roaring and Fog City" because I liked "The Day After Tomorrow". The sense of crisis that disaster strikes and the real feeling of spending a lot of money made my heart skip a beat for two hours. Looking at the poster, it was still pleasing to the eye, and the propaganda words were quite explosive, so I went in and read it. The end is - I regretted the 500 points I spent all night, and it was such a waste!

As a bad film, "Water Roaring and Fog City" began to show its grim side from the opening two minutes: the flood was monstrous, and a small house "boomed" and collapsed. Then the two old aunts were chatting, and the water came in through the crack of the door of the house, and then the door "boomed" and broke, the old aunt A disappeared, and the old aunt B seemed to be drowned under the gaze of the audience. .

No contrast, no rhythm, no logic... This is the worst movie I've ever seen at the beginning, and it's just how bad it continues to the end.

In the opening 10 minutes, it is still impossible to identify who is the protagonist. Because there are too many characters, and everyone comes out to shake it, there is no more text.

An old man asked those scientists for information. He looked like a folk technology enthusiast. The truth has always been in the hands of a few people (film convention). It seems that the protagonist has appeared. The camera then continues to pan to an unrelated person.

A middle-aged flower girl called and asked the old man to come to the baptism of his "granddaughter", and also talked about so-and-so who did not know who it was. The old man suspected that so-and-so would not come. (According to these words, it is inferred that this middle-aged flower girl is the daughter-in-law of the old man, and that so-and-so is estimated to be her husband.)

Then the flower girl met a middle-aged handsome man, he was so-and-so, so-and-so was extremely dissatisfied with the old man, the reason It was the old man who was not there when his mother died... Until the time of the baptism, the old man came over and said that he was "grandfather" (I understand, it was not "granddaughter" but "granddaughter", the person who translated the lines was eating rice!).

During this time, the flood was like an ad, with several breaks.

After the baptism, they went their separate ways. A handsome middle-aged man was sent to a dam, where he met a beautiful woman. The beauty is very fashionable and formal. I thought she was a TV host, but she was the person in charge of the dam. This beauty also had an affair with a middle-aged handsome guy, and it seems that the old man broke up because the old man always insisted on his own theory. (What is this all about!)

During this time, the flood continued.

Then the old man came, and the beautiful woman helped him contact the top leader of the country. The leaders had always believed in those famous scientists, told the public that there was no problem, and refused to issue warnings, but suddenly they believed the old man's words (the old man was also a mainstream scientist in the system, but belonged to another institution).

The handsome guy suddenly believed in the old man's words. The two were sure that the flood would rise higher than the dam, so they told the beauty to go. They refused to leave, so when the flood came they staged a great escape.

The funniest thing is that the handsome guy said that the only way to survive was to jump into the flood (the house on the dam was much higher than the flood at that time), and then he pulled the beautiful girl to jump, leaving the old man there alone. Then the old man was rescued by a helicopter sent by the government.

The handsome man and the beautiful woman spent a lot of effort, swimming and swimming in the middle of the flood, into the underground facilities in London, and escaped with two hapless subway maintenance workers and several passengers, and finally escaped to an above-ground building without them. The top floor of the flooded house. (The flood in this section can still be seen)

And then... surprisingly, the old man asked the government to send a plane to pick them up too. The handsome guy started to ask the subway maintenance worker who was still alive to take care of the others, and the music started to sound emotional.

The old man devised a plan to open the dam to let the flood flow back, and at the same time let the incoming sea water collide with the flood peak, reducing the potential. At that time, the country's top leader didn't quite believe him, so he said that the plan would be implemented by his son, daughter-in-law, and himself, and the leader believed it (don't think about it, in case this old man is anti-human and anti-social, it will take 3 lives to do it) For millions of lives?)

At this time, the other scientists were like grasshoppers after the frost, unable to say anything, how to say something wrong, and the one in the lead later committed suicide.

The beauty studied the map of the dam and said that she was going to open a door in a sealed room, and to go there was "a date with the god of death". A few people started arguing over who to go. When handsome guys and beauties started having a 5-minute relationship, the old man went by himself. At this time, the army proposed to blow up the dam, and the top leader of the country agreed (why didn't you think of it earlier?)

It was a race against time, ah, and in the end, the flood discharge was successful without blowing up. The sealed room was also opened, and the old man's body was lifted out. It was the oxygen tank on the old man's back that made it hard to understand why he couldn't last so long. Wouldn't he not die if he carried a bigger one? ? Then the music starts again, and the sensation begins again...

and then, the film is over.

I feel that the first half was copied from "The Day After Tomorrow", and the second half was copied from "Poseidon", and the copy was very bad. I wanted to say everything, but didn't say anything clearly; I wanted to mock the government a little bit, but I swallowed it back abruptly; the stunts weren't bad, they were just ordinary, and Ande was not a place.

The most depressing thing is that it may be that the money is not enough. The special effects of the collision between Hongfeng and the peaks were not filmed by the director.

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