A decent collection of psychopaths = =

Lisa 2022-11-02 18:38:06

The films I saw on the scarf, the introductions are all kinds of attractive ~ all kinds of lunatics ~ I think the most pitiful of the lunatics is Mr. Clown! ! ! ! Nima's inconceivable disaster! ! ! ! It was clearly sent to the current Doctor Pistachio Bad Guy! ! ! ! ! ! The cutest thing is to send a video to Mr. Clown. Mr. Clown roared and said Nima, I only have DVDs at home! ! ! ! ! Made me laugh! ! ! !

I KNOW WHAT U DID. U KILLED HER. Very common stalk, but it makes this bunch of madmen neuropathy deduce a different kind of weird atmosphere~ I don't know if there will be a new SEASON later, because I don't know if it's a different group of people to continue other stories, or this group of people is still acting as a new one The story of [Of course I think the latter is unlikely = =]

Update: Well, after reading it, I am very disappointed to be honest. . The old terrier, the old creative, the old shooting method. . . In fact, this bunch of lunatics could have come up with a very powerful and powerful plot. . . sigh

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