I'm a little disappointed~

Gracie 2022-10-02 20:19:13

It is a good choice to hype this film through the day after tomorrow, otherwise, I think it is impossible to have a good box office performance.
Generally speaking, the picture effect is good, and the flood scene is grand, but the plot is too far-fetched, or in other words, there is no plot at all.
The only thing that moved me was in the part where Bill was washed away. When Zac finally took Bill's ring and looked at Rob helplessly, he was really moved for a moment, and the rest of the time, he didn't feel anything special.
In short, I was completely deceived by the title of the film...hey~~ a little disappointed..

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Flood quotes

  • Rob Morrison: Nice flowers. And I know it's not your birthday.

    Samantha 'Sam' Morrison: Yeah, I know. It's great, isn't it?

    Rob Morrison: Yeah, it's great. Does he know you hate roses?

  • Zak: Bloody hell, it's a proper mission getting down here, isn't it?