It's alright, let's see

Antonina 2022-11-01 07:45:49

In the cinema, although there are many unreal places in the picture, the sound effects are still barely enough. The two things that impressed me the most are the first, that dad's zombie face, I don't think I've seen any other expressions on his face. Second, in the face of the flood that can push the house, he would jump off, or else he didn't. Alright, I'll admit that I have a pretty big opinion on this movie, but if you put it in a casual viewing position, it can still be used as entertainment.

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Flood quotes

  • Rob Morrison: Nice flowers. And I know it's not your birthday.

    Samantha 'Sam' Morrison: Yeah, I know. It's great, isn't it?

    Rob Morrison: Yeah, it's great. Does he know you hate roses?

  • Zak: Bloody hell, it's a proper mission getting down here, isn't it?