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Dereck 2022-10-15 03:46:23

At a 512 earthquake reporting conference, after a long and drowsy speech by a speaker, he suddenly changed his tone and said, "My daughter is 8 years old. Before the earthquake, I was watching CDs with her. A disaster movie, and then on the day of the earthquake, she was the bravest and smartest child in their class."
So I think we really should watch more disaster movies.
It was at this time that the flood came out.
It's hard to say that watching a disaster movie in such a mood is not an attitude of learning and reserve, but flood still disappointed me.
Twist a plot to make a hero.
It's enough to let the water flow back and blow up the dam. Why do you have to sacrifice a person to manually release the gate?
This is that there is no practical experience, and there is no putting people first, as our "baby" said.

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