The translation of the title is better than the movie itself

Mona 2022-10-16 22:24:20

"Water Roaring and Fog City" is one of the few disaster films I've seen, and even among the limited ones, it's definitely not a good one.

I think, a disaster film, either to sound the alarm to people about the deterioration of the earth's environment, such as "The Day After Tomorrow", or to show people's humanity in the face of disasters, such as "Titanic", but this film is here There is no achievement on either side. The monstrous flood came and went in a hurry, and there was no mention of the bad environment at all. In terms of human nature, it can be seen that the creators have made efforts in this area, but the results are lackluster. The relationship between the protagonist's father and son was originally rigid. After this disaster, the previous suspicion was resolved. This is a relatively warm and can make a big fuss of the main line, but I feel that the film does not use enough strength on this point, and it is too eager to let the father and son get back together. As a result, it didn't impress the audience at all. The flood has affected thousands of people. In the face of the disaster, there must be many details that can resonate with people. However, the film only gave a few glimpses of the floating corpses on the water and the little girl holding a doll. Not enough. Those message walls covered with photos of relatives and sticky notes were a good point of sensationalism, but the creators didn't take advantage of them. The commander also had friends trapped in the disaster area. She anxiously made a phone call, but no one answered, which seemed to show her weak and helpless side, but it was like that joke about the eunuch - no more.

Problems with plots like "Nothing Below" abound. To give a few examples: the film uses a lot of space to describe the two subway workers. In the middle of the film, the two of them overlap with the clue of the protagonist and his wife, and they propose a way to save the people from the flood. I thought they They will work together to fight the flood and disaster relief, but after a while, the fat man was washed away, and the thin man also had a nervous breakdown. The protagonist and his wife comforted the thin man and the other victims they encountered on the way to escape and left - so much about the two subway workers before. What is the description for? The method proposed by Fatty has echoes later, but there is really no need to give a preview here. Also, the female commander was encouraged by the report that the people in the flood did not give up hope, and decided to go to the scene. The Prime Minister agreed after a little consideration, but there was no further follow-up, and everyone remained at the command. Ministry. Also, in the last shot, the commander was still downcast because he couldn't rescue the protagonist and his wife. In the next shot, the couple was already sitting on the army boat; I'm already fighting on the front line of fighting the flood, and the next scene is the father and son saying goodbye to each other... Not much to mention, my thinking is not enough.

What puzzles me the most is, what is the political system like in the UK? What is the identity of the female commander who commands Ruoding so that the Prime Minister has to listen to her? How could the British consul in Australia stop the PM from making a decision? In the midst of the disaster, the government's command department actually wanted to learn about the situation at the disaster site from the media... bla~~~bla~~~, in short, it was really speechless.

A movie with so many problems gets two stars, largely because the title is so well translated. The original English name is the dry flood, which is almost boring objectively, but "Shui Xiaowudu" is different. The location, content, and degree are all available. Just four words give us a general understanding of the content of the film. Had to be amazed. Of course, this has nothing to do with the film itself.

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