It can only be watched as a science and education film...not even a science and education film

Lolita 2022-09-20 17:47:42

There have been many disasters this year, and there are also many disaster films. I have always felt that the more disaster films the better, and that there should be various types of disasters, such as tsunamis, typhoons, shipwrecks, plane crashes, fires... After all, this is the easiest way to popularize the public: "What should I do if I encounter xx ?" teaching opportunities for popular science. The filming of "Water Roaring and Fog City" is not ordinary. You can't compliment you by looking at the ending you know from the beginning, the expected sensational scenes, and the "sleepwalking" performances of several protagonists. Yes, it is the special effects production of the film. After all, the major special effects companies in the SOHO district of London are also among the top in the world, which is a little bit of face.
The main clues of disaster films have been filmed for decades, and they are nothing more than "getting out of trouble", "giving up for others", "human virtues under harsh natural conditions", etc., but if you pay attention, you can actually make breakthroughs. The problem is that almost all the plots of "Water Roaring and Fog City" are copied. Inexplicably, a big flood comes (imitation of "After Tomorrow"), and two little characters appear, so usually one has to die (imitation of "The Hidden Dragon Rising to the Sky"). ", etc.), in the end, there will always be a thorny problem that can only be solved by a dead person. If there is an old man, then 99% of the old man will die heroically (imitation of "Living Fire City"), if the old man and the protagonists If there is a little blood relationship, then 10,000% is the old man who sacrificed himself (imitation of "Peerless Calamity"). Add to that the "bad" performances of the protagonists - to be honest, I don't think these people's performances are even as powerful as the live-action animation of the video game section.
I figured it out, I just figured it out, if you look at this movie as a drama, then of course you can only be disappointed, but if you think of it as a science and education film with a little plot, that's fine. But the thing is, if the real flood comes and we imitate the actions of the protagonists, it will definitely be the first to list the dead.
Well, forget it, this film can't be reviewed any more, so let's stop there. I hope you will never encounter a flood, but if you do, save some food and climb to the top of the building to build a fire and wait for someone to come.

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