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Javon 2022-10-22 12:35:59

In the summer of 2005, I was sitting in a dormitory without a fan. It was cold and exploded on my scalp along my spine.
This is the stimulation given by "The Day After Tomorrow".
So when "Water Roaring and Fog City", which is known as "The Day After Tomorrow" in the United Kingdom, was released gorgeously, I strongly wanted to go to the theater to see it.
But after browsing it on the computer, I found that the money was saved right.
The same is the theme of environmental protection, "Water" has a heavy imitation of "After", and the style of the film is also very Hollywood. But the expressiveness is...
Even in only 2 days, I even forgot what the end of the movie was. I only remember that the pig's feet of men and women were crawling and crawling in the pipeline, and an old man was inexplicably exploded when the valve was opened. (Forgot what it was, it was a small part anyway) Inserted in the chest and stabbed to death!
The dull + false + inexplicable plot is not as good as "Wanted".
By the way, come out and shoot the bullet into an arc like a soccer ball, that film is not bad either.

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